Superpark Singapore – Super Fun Indoor Playground for the Family

Superpark Singapore for a super fun time

“Superpark means super fun right?”

Sophie shot me this question cheekily when I told her we were going to SuperPark.  This girl had her expectations way up high for her visit to Superpark Singapore and Sophie certainly was not disappointed.

Spanning 40,000 square feet over two levels (level 1 and 2) in Suntec City Mall, this all-in-one indoor activity park from Finland gets our stamp of approval!  Not only is it indoors and fully air-conditioned (YEAH!), it is humongous with over 20 fun and wholesome activities where both young and young at heart can have an adrenaline-charged time together no matter rain or shine.

For Sophie who’s soon turning 10, this park is perfect as she has long outgrown kiddy indoor playgrounds and there are SO MANY activity options in SuperPark to choose from.

I am absolutely sold by their #madetomove tagline, which is what our little digital natives and quite frankly we as parents need to be encouraged to do more of as well. Best of all, SuperPark is not only for the kids and youths as it has been purposefully built for all ages to join in the fun and stay active.

So yes parents, forget about watching your kids from the side and jump into action to get moving with the kids.


So where do we get started? Let me take you on a tour with a review of the activities and find out which made it to Sophie’s top 5!

SuperPark Activities on Level 2

Once we entered the park, Sophie made a beeline for the Pedal Car which is always a hot favourite.

The pedal cars come in varying sizes for kids (min 95cm) and adults alike, so everyone gets to experience life in the fast lane together.

Go as fast as your legs can take you, after all your legs are the engines of the car.

Once Sophie warmed up after a few rounds on the track, she wasted no time and tried Super Bowling.

There are no pins to knock down, instead you have to roll a ball up the inclined platform to score for your team. This is a great game for some side-by-side friendly competition with lots of laughter!

Speaking about laughter, we had a side-splitting and exhausting game of Superball where it was mummies vs kids. The aim of the game is to shoot as many goals on your opponent’s board within the time limit.

We went wild shooting goals and dodging balls as the timer counted down . Suffice to say, this was not a quiet game at all and we came out with very flushed cheeks and a bellyache from all the laughing.

SuperPark Activities on Level 1

After being all pumped up, we headed down to level 1 where Sophie caught sight of the Flying Fox! Being one who never says no for a zipping good time, Sophie went on it so many times that I lost count. Even knocking down the foam blocks at the end was fun for her.

Her only gripe – that it would speed up a bit more for this little adrenaline junkie.

The Tube Slide is another must try activity where you’ll find yourself on repeat mode as once is not enough! After dragging your tube-tyre up the hill, you get to slide all the way down and according to Sophie it’s most fun when she got spun around!

As Sophie has outgrown indoor playgrounds calling them babyish, I assumed she would have little interest in Adventure City, but I was so wrong.

As you can see from the photo, the ceiling is a lot higher in this play structure and I even spotted adults in the tunnel.

Sophie climbed up and down and squirreled through tunnels and towers while playing a game of hide and seek. The kids were so lost in their game until we announced that they can bounce to their heart’s content at the Trampoline.

Spot Sophie in the game of Valo Jump

Besides the conventional trampoline, there is an interactive game, Valo Jump where Sophie got a chance to be an avatar in the game! How cool is that. I don’t think I’ve seen her bounce so high before, so clearly the idea for this game is ingenious!

For toddlers, there is a separate Trampoline area for little ones with a height restriction of maximum 120cm so your preschoolers wouldn’t miss a thing here.

Have a go at the Rock Climbing Wall, which isn’t as easy as it looks! For the more adventurous ones, try Clip N Climb to scale up the wall. Covered shoes are required for this activity.

The Augmented Climbing Wall was a fun activity where the wall turned into a video game and the children had to whack the bats on the wall. A test of their reflex and agility which they passed with flying colours.

The Ninja Track may look unassuming, but the kids soon realised that the obstacle course posed a fair bit of challenge especially on the hoops at the end.

Watching Sophie pick herself up after falling a few times and overcoming obstacles in her way with determination in her eyes made me proud as I cheered her on from the side.

If you’ve always wanted to try skateboarding, you can give it a go at the Skate and Scoot World. Safety equipment like helmets and guards are all provided and you’ll need to be in covered footwear.

I liked that there are slopes of varying gradient so you can try skateboarding or scooting on what feels comfortable for you. There was also a staff who gave us some helpful tips

Experience what it feels like to be in a human size pinball game in Super Pinball.

If basketball is your thing, then head to Super Hoop to show off your nifty moves shooting hoops.

Scoring a goal in Robo Keeper!

Just before we left for the day, the kids glued themselves at I-wall which is an interactive game where you can try virtual parkour or virtual tachi.

Before we left, I asked Sophie for her top 5 picks and they are the Flying Fox, Tube Slide, Superball, Valo Jump and Pedel Car! As a mum, I really like that SuperPark encourages families to have a fun and enjoyable time together through the power of joyful play.

If you are a family with kids of different ages, it’s always a challenge to find something that suits everyone. But here, you are spoilt for choice and everything is all under one roof. Plus you don’t even have to make any wet weather plans for a fun time together. We foresee ourselves coming back with more friends and with Daddy too!

SuperPark Ticketing Information

Same ticket price applies for adults and kids and children under 3 years old may enter for free.

Prices of SuperPark Passes are as follows and visitors can get more information and book their tickets online at

Address:  #02-477 Suntec City Tower 1 (North Wing), 3 Temasek Boulevard
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon – Fri) & 9am – 9pm (Sat, Sun, Public & School Holidays)


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Multi-award winning Matilda The Musical Debuts in Singapore

If your favourite children memory includes being lost in a good Roald Dahl book then you don’t want to miss Matilda the Musical as it debut in Singapore for the first time.

Matilda the Musical is a stage adaptation of the novel written by the incredibly talented and iconic childrens’ author Roald Dahl who needs no introduction.  When Sophie heard that the musical was coming to town last year, my nine-year-old was overjoyed and promptly finished the book in a few days after I promised to take her for the musical.

The empowering message that Matilda, a five-year-old, witty and fearless book-loving heroine can change the destiny of her life was so inspiring that Sophie couldn’t stop talking about it after the musical ended.

So what can you expect from the musical?

Matilda the Musical comes to Singapore

This captivating musical follows the novel closely with a few surprising additions that lends added dramatics to the story.

For one, the birth of Matilda Wormwood explains why she’s so unloved by her cruel and self-absorbed parents and the odds she had to overcome from being dealt with a bad hand of card in life.

Despite being born to dim-witted parents who thinks that you can learn everything from the telly, Matilda’s taught herself to read at the age of three and even learnt the times table by five.

But her quick wit is soon challenged when she enters school and has to outsmart her formidable school headmistress Miss Trunchbull. A larger than life tormentor who disdains children and comes up with all kinds of terrible punishment for them.

Thankfully, Matilda’s extraordinary intelligence is noticed by her teacher Ms. Honey who takes an interest to protect and groom her brilliant mind.  An unlikely friendship ensues as they stand up for each other in the face of bullies overcoming obstacles and fighting to change their destiny.

What’s more incredible is the amazing performance by nine-year-old Sofia Poston from Singapore who exuded confidence and stage presence as she brought Matilda to life on stage.

Miss Trunchbull, was so gleefully menacing and the audience roared with laughter as she danced with ribbon sticks and tumbled during the Pys Ed scene.

Till now, we are still flabbergasted at how they pulled off the incredible pigtail spinning act which you must witness for yourself.


Universal themes of rising above challenges, facing up to bullies and being positive change agents are empowering messages conveyed in the musical making it an inspiring performance for children and adults alike. You’ll laugh, you’ll sing along and you’ll even be moved by the spectacular musical.

With an incredible cast who put in so much energy and passion in their performance, this is one musical that I highly recommend for all ages. Book your tickets before the musical ends their run on 17 March 2019.


Matilda the Musical Singapore Ticketing Info

Dates: 21 February 2019 to 17 March 2019

Show times: Tue – Fri: 7:30pm, Sat: 2pm & 7:30pm, Sun: 1pm & 6pm

Venue: Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands

Duration: Approximately 155 minutes (including 20 mins interval)

Ticket Pricing: Prices start from S$68

Book your tickets for Matilda the Musical through Sistic website here.



HeadRock VR, Singapore’s first VR theme park in Sentosa

HeadRock VR in Sentosa, Singapore

Looking for an exciting and fun filled family experience this March school holidays? Then round up the family and head to HeadRock VR, Singapore’s first and largest Virtual Reality (VR) theme park in Resorts World Sentosa.

There are 11 thrilling attractions where you can go on a jungle rafting adventure, test your marksmanship at various shooting games, or brave the snow blizzard on a heart pumping dog sled ride.

The theme park admits kids ages 6 and up, but I’ll recommend this for kids ages 8 and above for them to get the most of the rides and games.

The attractions are spilt into 3 zones and here’s what each zone has to offer.

After getting your tickets at the counter, you’ll be given these cute face nimal masks which are to be worn under the VR goggles for hygiene purpose. We wasted no time and went to try the attractions in the blue zone.

Exploring the Blue Zone
Beat Saber – 4/5

Beat Saber is a rhythmantic game, which reminded me of Dance Dance Revolution. Here you will be armed with two hand held controls (Sorry Star Wars fans, no light sabers for you) to slash to the beat of the rhythm of the song.

But this turned out to be a fun game as it not only test of your hand eye co-ordination, as you’ll need to crouch and dodge obstacles as well.

There are varying levels of difficulty and you can pit against another player for an added challenge. This is one game that you can play on and on as you’ll get a buzz seeing the number of combos you ace.

Jump Jump -3/5

Initially Sophie was intimated by the height of this but after seeing daddy go on it once, she tried it for herself and got so hooked, she went on it 3 times.

Free falling rides are far from my kind of fun, as I hate that feeling where my heart is still up in the air when I’m down on the ground.

But if you’re up for it, this promises a lot of zero gravity as you jump your way through the jungle like Tarzan.

Flying Dive

This ride was under maintenance during our visit and it’s a similar drop ride that was beside Jump Jump.

Storm Blizzard – 4/5

The storm blizzard ride was recently enhanced and while I don’t know what they tweaked, this has to be the most immersive VR ride by far.

The set up with the two huskies gives you a hint that you’ll be pulled by a dog sled where you’ll race through a blizzard storm dodging falling rocks and balance precariously on the edge of a cliff. I don’t want to give the storyline away, but this is one ride that gets 5/5 from me.

To make the blizzard more realistic, two powerful fans were blowing at us which really upped the chill factor and realism which explains why they provided blankets. Ladies may want to hold down your skirts if you want to avoid a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Exploring the Green Zone

After all that adrenaline high, we headed to the green zone for some shooting games and our favourite has got to be Zombie Busters.

Robin Hood – 3/5

Here a target board is projected on the screen and you do not need to put on any VR googles.

It was pretty challenging for Sophie as she had to extend her arm and really flex those arm muscles of her. But still she aced it and felt extra motivated when it flashed ‘GREAT’ each time she hit the target board.

VR Room – 3/5

The VR room offers 3 game options, 2 were shooting games and an archery game. It didn’t take long for me to get the hang of archery shooting where I shot mean looking spiders and even a flying dragon.

I wasn’t keen on zombie slasher as the graphics for this game looked scarily realistic so I got my hubby to try it. Both games offered that 360–degree experience which is made even more interactive with the ear piece.

Zombie Busters – 4/5

Among all the shooting games, I’ll highly recommend this. In this game, you get to team up with a partner and bust the zombies to survive in an apocalypse.

While it may be a zombie game, the graphics are more cutesy so you don’t have to worry about gory-looking zombies that come charging your way from all directions giving your kids (or even yourself) a scare or nightmares.

Exploring the Orange Zone

Jungle Rafting – 5/5

Climb aboard an actual raft as you get taken on a prehistoric jungle adventure with a super enthusiastic guide. But do keep your hands inside the raft as you’ll be escaping from a T-Rex who’s hot on your heels.

I’m one of those annoying people who scream when taking roller coasters and I had to remind myself that this was only a virtual ride as it felt very convincing especially with the surprising water effects.

Sky Scraper- 3/5

Don’t let your fear of heights keep you from trying this game. Take down robots and drones and make sure your knees don’t buckle while you are on atop a sky scraper.

If that sounds too easy, make sure you cut the right wire to disarm the bomb and accomplish the mission with a count-down timer reminding you that time ticking away.

Extreme Train –3/5

The extreme train is a roller coaster rider where you get taken on a secret treasure island in the skies. Although the twists are turns are lot milder than your regular roller coaster, I felt my heart racing and lifting when it took leaps in mid-air.

But the ending was kinda cheesy with the appearance of supertrees and even merlions in an attempt to add a local flavour to the ride.

Horror Room

We gave this a miss but according to the guests who came out of it, they said you had to choose between escaping from a haunted house deep in the Amazon forest, or from witches and zombie.


As a themepark, HeadRock VR offers a very unique play experience for the family that promises guests an extreme adventure that is larger-than-life. We spent a good 2 and a half hours and Sophie wanted to continue if not for the fact that we had to adjourn for dinner.

When we stepped out, we felt a little dizzy, so it’s a good idea to remind your kids to take breaks in between. It’s also perfect for those who prefer to stay in-doors with air-conditioning or when it pours heavily because hot and rainy are the only two seasons we have in Singapore.


Price Package Information

There are different packages where you can mix and match attractions from different colour zones for your own VR experience.

$35 for Big 3 package: 1 attraction in Green Zone, 1 attraction in Blue Zone, 1 attraction in Orange Zone
$50 for Big 5 package: 1 attraction in Green Zone, 2 attractions in Blue Zone, 2 attractions in Orange Zone
$65 for Big 7 package: 2 attractions in Green Zone, 2 attractions in Blue Zone, 3 attractions in Orange Zone

And from now till end March 2019, they are running a special promotion which you don’t want to miss!

15% off BIG 3/Big 5/BIG 7 For individuals
20% off BIG 3/Big 5/BIG 7 For students with local student pass
30% off BIG 3/Big 5/BIG 7 For families (3 or more pax)

Tickets can be purchased via SISTIC or on-site. Do take note of the minimum age requirement of 6 years old.

Address: 26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-38/39, Singapore 098138. Next to Trick Eye Museum.
Opening hours: 10AM – 8PM daily.
Telephone: 6963 4609



Thanks to our sponsor HeadRock VR Singapore , I’ll be sending 3 families for their very own VR experience. There will be a Grand Prize of 1 set of BIG 5 for 4 pax entitling you to 5 experiences & 2 sets of BIG 3 for 4 pax entitling you to 3 experiences.

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Grow closer in your marriage

A lasting marriage is only possible when two people choose to grow closer instead of growing apart.

In our 13 years of marriages, we’ve gone through so many phrases but the scariest ones is when we grew apart and felt like giving up on each other.

It’s so common to hear couples drifting apart over the years and end up feeling like housemates living under the same roof, staying together only because of the kids.

In our marriage, I’m the annoying wife who forces my husband to talk to me when I feel that we’re drifting apart. There are times, I hit a wall when Alexis prefer to keep silent or when I give him the silent treatment hoping that he can read my mind (I still don’t learn my lesson)

And some of our ‘honest till it hurts’ conversations have led to explosive tension and tears of frustrations and regret. But it’s also when the walls come down after we bear our feelings to each other that we admit that both parties play a part in keeping our marriage alive.


The grass is greener where you water it


You know the saying, the grass is greener where you water it? Don’t get so busy envying other people’s marriage and wishing yours was as good that you fail to nurture your marriage.Love can be reignited even when the passion is gone and whoever said that men has to take the first step.

If you feel that your marriage has become dull and boring because of mundane routine, make extra effort to make it more interesting. Find a common interest, read a book together, try a new sport, explore the latest dining joint… Sure we have days where we want to do our own things, or just be with our girlfriends but don’t forget to make time for each other.

Our marriages are worth fighting for every single day even when it feels like the world is pulling us apart. A couple doesn’t drift apart because it just happens but because we’ve allowed it to happen. That’s why we must make a choice to grow closer.

Stay on the same course, look in the same direction and remember you have a partner for life.


If you enjoyed this post, you may like these posts where I share about marriage and travel.

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{Review and Giveaway} Science Comes Alive with Singapore’s first AR Encyclopedia

If you have primary school going children, you’ll hear how Primary 3 gets more challenging with the introduction of Science. There is definitely some truth to it as Science at Primary 3 is no longer what we used to know.

Like many parents, I’m surprised that students these days are expected to tackle tricky Science questions where answers have to be spot on with the use of precise key concept and keywords to demonstrate that they have grasped the subject well. To be honest, it’s been an uphill task trying to get Sophie to enjoy the subject as the school expects students to  expectations for the subject

If you have kids entering Primary 3, here’s a list of Science resources which I have been using to coach Sophie at home.

LINK: Tackling Science in Primary 3

Science in Lower Primary

If you have kids who are in lower primary, it’s important to cultivate their interest for Science now. One way to do that is by making them aware of how Science relates to their daily lives by pointing out the nature of Science like where does their food come from, how is weather predicted, life cycle of plants, etc. Encourage your kids to ask questions to promote a healthy curiosity for the world around them.

You can now make learning Science come alive with the latest edition of Mini Science Encyclopedia by Marshall Cavendish Education that is Augmented Reality (AR)-enabled. The very first of its kind in Singapore!

Learning Science with Augmented Reality

If you’ve always associated science encyclopedias with thick, dull and boring books that lulls one to sleep, you’ll be for a surprise with this latest encyclopedia that’s powered by AR!

The Mini Science Encyclopedia (8th edition) by Marshall Cavendish is targeted at lower primary students. But guess what, even I was pretty impressed by the newly incorporated AR feature.

To start the AR experience, we had to download the SnapLearn App.  After activating the app by scanning the barcode on the back of the book, we were ready for our AR experience.

Just look for pages with the AR logo and point your camera on your device. Within seconds, content from the pages leapt off the page, and came to life in 3D. Sophie’s first reaction was, “Wow, so cool!”

Sophie was very impressed by the lively and interactive graphics and went on to scan many more pages and kept asking me to watch the videos with her.


As modern day parents, it’s futile to fight against the use of screen time. So in my opinion, this is a more educational option combining traditional encyclopedia where kids flip through the pages while using technology for a more immersive learning experience.

Developing a curious mind for Science 

What I liked is how each topic starts with a question promoting curiosity and triggering little minds to ponder about the world around them. Being curious is an important life skill that children need to be equipped with for the future so that they don’t just end up being book smart only.

The “Can You Believe It” section, has lots of fun and interesting facts which Sophie like to quiz us on and she gets mighty pleased when we are stumped at some of the lesser known facts.

The Mini Science Encyclopedia covers a wide range of topics that range from animals, food, weather, etc to topics that will be covered in the school curriculum, like energy, heat, plants, etc. Being the 8th edition, the book includes current topics like life sciences, stem cell research, emerging diseases and even NEWater so kids can be kept up to date on emerging Science discoveries.

The bite size content serves as a quick introduction for young readers, but it will not be sufficient as a learning supplement to compliment the school syllabus when they proceed to upper primary.

What really stands out from other encyclopedias is the bold and colourful graphics. For young pupils who are visual learners, the Mini Science Encyclopedia is ideal as there are lots of photos and illustrations , making it visually attractive to capture their attention.

For kinesthetic learners, they will enjoy the hands-on experiment sections where they get to perform simple activities helping  them to understand science concepts better. Most of them can be conducted with adult supervision and it’s a great way to make links on topics like shadows, magnets with materials that are easily available at home.


Sophie has been having her nose in the book for the past week and it’s a joy to hear her share about new knowledge that she’s learning about the world around her. As a Mini Science Encyclopedia , this is a great introduction to the world of Science for young readers and with AR, this makes it even more compelling and engaging for kids of all ages.

The Mini Science Encyclopedia is now available at Popular bookstores and retails at $21.50 (before GST).


– – – – – – – MINI SCIENCE ENCYCLOPEDIA GIVEAWAY – – – – – – –


Thanks to our sponsor Marshall Cavendish Education, we are giving away 2 MINI SCIENCE ENCYCLOPEDIA (8th edition), to 2 lucky readers.


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  • Winners must collect their prize by 15 February 2019.
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A Juggling Mom received a copy of the Mini Science Encyclopedia to write this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine.