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You will never have this day with your children again

Motivational Mondays – Enjoy the Present

As mums, we all have days when we get all tired out from looking after the kids. Never mind if… Continue reading »


Motivational Mondays – Christmas Kindness Countdown

Apologies for the sporadic updates on the blog and Facebook Page as I’ve been taking things slow after my op. I… Continue reading »

holding hands

Motivational Mondays – Carrying one another’s burden

For many marries couples, familiarity breeds contempt the longer you’re married.  I too have gone down that slippery slope where… Continue reading »

Don't Give Up

Motivational Mondays – Don’t Give Up

  I’m fast approaching my 100th Motivational Mondays post and hope you’ve been encouraged by some of my posts as well as… Continue reading »


Motivational Mondays – Cherishing Family Moments

How was your weekend? My usual lament of a short weekend will not apply for me, because lucky for me we’re… Continue reading »

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