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To live

Motivational Mondays – To live or exist?

Last week has been an emotional week where 3 of my family members have been admitted to hospital. It’s heart… Continue reading »

Sophie reads

Motivational Mondays – Reeling in the KS mum in me

It’s a funny thing how peer pressure can bring up the sleeping kiasuism in me. To me I’ve always thought that… Continue reading »

Do what you love 09

Motivational Mondays – Do what you love

It’s been three years since I started my blog at A Juggling Mom. And the thing that gets me going is… Continue reading »


Motivational Mondays – Don’t lose your cool mum

How do you keep your cool with your kids? Truth is, I’m horrid at keeping my cool with Sophie. As… Continue reading »

Taking it Slow Quote

Motivational Mondays – Taking it Slow

We just got back from our 8 days free and easy family vacation in Gold Coast, Australia last Thursday. And… Continue reading »

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