Serving One Another in Marriage

This year we swapped our 6 feet Christmas tree for a wall tapestry for a more minimalistic look. Even though it was so simple and plain, I was blown away by Alexis’s ingenuity when he suggested adding back-lit lights. It made a world of difference and transformed our 2D Christmas tree to look like a 3D version.

Putting up the Christmas deco every year is Alexis’s way of showing his love for me beacuse he always feels it’s such a hassle to put them up and take them down.

And yet he does it.

Year after year without fail.


Love is not always just about doing the things we enjoy but doing the things that delight our partner too.

Likewise, I’ve been channeling my inner Marie Kondo to keep the home more organised the way he likes instead of insisting that we can live in organised chaos. This has been an uphill task for me and in our latest attempt to declutter the study room, I ended up in tears as it was just so overwhelming trying to throw things I used to cherish and love.

But love is sacrificial. Even though we’re not out to change or fix each other to be more like the other, taking these small steps forward to a compromise shows that we respect our partners and are willing to do things outside our comfort zones. Marriage is a dance of we, rather than me where we serve each other with Christ-like love.

Serving one another with love and honor

The best marriage is where both are committed to serving each other and the worst marriage is two selfish people who only want what’s best for themselves. We serve because Jesus led by example and washed his disciples’ feet. Jesus didn’t come to be served but he came to serve us and lay down his life for us.  A Godly marriage seeking to honor and glorify Christ must have this kind of attitude.

So today, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How can I delight my partner?
  2. How can I serve my spouse?

Serve our spouse because we love them, not to receive anything in return. And don’t forget to show appreciation at every opportunity.

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