Remember, You Are Mum Enough

Mother’s day is right around the corner and a common question that pops up is, what do mums really want on their special day?

In the past, I used to dream about being able to sleep in and wake up on my terms with no one asking what’s for breakfast and expecting me to prepare it. And you know what, being served breakfast in bed sounds divine too. In fact, just skip the champagne and just give me my kopi and I’ll be a happy mum. Of course it doesn’t hurt to be whisked off for an indulgent spa and facial session. Bliss.

But this year, I only have one simple wish for Mother’s Day.

I want myself and fellow mums to remember that we are mum enough. That we are enough.

You are Enough

As a mum of one, I always struggle feeling mum enough.

I know it’s not true, but somehow I believe in the lie that mums of 2, 3 and more kids are more credible mum as they have more experience to boast of.

On days when I lose it and feel absolutely lousy as a mum, I feel crushed knowing that there will not be anymore second chances for me to right those wrongs. They say that we are our worst critics and I know this too well. Just let me list the ways…

I’m not patient enough.

I’m not loving enough.

I’m not doing enough to raise Sophie.

I’m not spending enough time with Sophie.

Even though I try to think rationally when making decisions for my family, I can’t help but second guess myself at times, wondering if I made the best choice.

But you know what?

I am enough.

Leaning on the one who will always be enough

Even though I may feel like I’ve fail as a mum every single day, I know Sophie never see me that way. And more importantly, God never views me any lesser of a mum.

You too may feel guilty for not having it altogether with the kids, juggling your career, the unending chores and messy homes, but that doesn’t define you as a mum.

Being a mum brought about the biggest transformation in my life as I’ve been taught so many lessons. Even hard and painful lessons but they are also the very ones that have shaped me to be who I am.

Your family sees you trying your best every single day. Yesterday, today and tomorrow too.

So, this Mother’s Day, extend some kindness to yourself. Be less harsh on yourself and stop the self-condemning thoughts and talks which are not from God.

Instead learn to lean on Him. Rest in Him and receive grace just as you have been given grace.

I hear this every so clearly from God, his gentle whisper that tells me, He’s sees everything and he sees my heart and he will honour the times I choose to serve my family.

Remember, you are mum enough.



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