The Fantastical Story Factory! {Giveaway}

Children are the best story tellers in the world. With their wild and uninhabited imagination, the possibilities are endless with heroic characters, silly plots and hilarious scenarios. Anything is possible!


The Fantastical Story Factory!

The Fantastical Story Factory

Be the first to catch the Asian Premiere of The Fantastical Story Factory in Singapore! Imagine stories filled with the craziest characters, funniest scenarios and the silliest plots, the young ones make the best storytellers in the world! Suitable for ages 5 and above, The Fantastical Story Factory brings the wild imagination of children to life through its musical.

The Fantastical Story Factory brings the same cast from The Showstopper! The improvised Musical to recreate a family friendly comedy musical, transforming the suggestions from children as young as 5 years old to a wacky production.

At The Fantastical Story Factory, children decides where the story is set, what happens next, who the characters are, and they are also encouraged to join the cast on stage for the musical! The young ones are sure to have a whimsical afternoon exploring the magical kingdoms with the cast of The Fantastical Story Factory.

‘Anything can happen if you let it’.Mary Poppins

So let your imagination run wild, create the most ridiculous story and watch the best musical unfold right before your children’s eyes!


Ticketing Details

Be the first to catch the Asian Premiere of The Fantastical Story Factory in Singapore!  The Fantastical Story Factory will be staged at the Drama Theatre at School of the Arts (SOTA).

Ticket prices are $38, $48, $58 (prices excludes SISTIC booking fee).
Tickets are now on sale at any SISTIC outlets, official SISTIC website or call the hotline 6348 5555.


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Thanks to our sponsors, we are giving away family tickets for four worth $232 to the opening show of The Fantastical Story Factory on 1 May 2015.

Details of show: 

Date : Friday, 1st May 2015

Time : Show starts at 3pm (Please collect your tickets 15 minutes before the start of the show)

Venue : SOTA – Drama Theatre

School of the Arts, Singapore

1 Zubir Said Drive Singapore 227968

To Participate

To take part in the giveaway, you need to complete these two steps:

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Please note:

  • This giveaway is only open to readers residing in Singapore
  • Winners must respond within 24 hours, otherwise a new winner will be drawn
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* A Juggling Mom was sponsored tickets to the show to write this post. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are mine. 

Why the comparisons are hurting your child

When it comes to parenting, I like to think I’m a pretty chill mum especially when it comes to academics. Sophie is a pretty smart girl herself, so she has no problem grasping new concepts or learning new things. In fact, she’s getting on quite well with Hanyu Pinyin now according to her Chinese teacher. She started the year struggling with it initially and told me that she didn’t like learning Chinese because of that. So I’m glad that this areas is getting better and hope she’ll continue to have a positive learning attitude for what’s to come as her Chinese teacher did prep us that it will get more challenging.

Her current childcare is a pretty small class and one day, she told me that one of her friends was leaving the childcare. I’ve spoken to the child’s mum and knew about it beforehand so I explained that it’s because her friend was going to an Indian international school so she doesn’t need to learn Mandarin.

Sophie was surprised at my reply and exclaimed, “But you know mummy, she’s the best in class for Chinese! She always score the highest for Hanyu Pinyin, so she knows Chinese”

Practicing her Hanyu Pinyin

Practicing her Hanyu Pinyin

I was surprised, or maybe I shouldn’t be since knew that this girl has always been very attentive in class. So naturally I asked Sophie how come it’s an Indian friend who’s best in Chinese and not a Chinese? And then I think it progressed into a naggy sort of pep talk with questions like,” How come you’re not the first in class then. You didn’t pay attention in class like so and so right?”

Honestly, I didn’t even have expectations that she needed to get everything right but it just unconsciously came out of my mouth and I could see that Sophie wasn’t happy to hear those comparisons and felt hurt.

A few days later,  I went to her childcare and recounted this incident to one of the teachers. The teacher reminded me that this kind of comparison hurt a child’s self esteem unknowingly and the last thing we want is to crush their spirit when it comes to learning.

I didn’t occur to me then that I might be sending the wrong message to Sophie.

That being the first in class is what I expected of her.

That she must be better than her friends.

That mummy will scold her if she’s not number one.

Thankfully, I was reminded and stopped making such comparisons. And it did occur to me that when I’m in my whatsapp group with fellow mummies, we sometimes tend to compare the progress of our kid. While it’s a good thing to have a gauge of where they should be at, and how we can help them along, these comparisons can sometimes become unhealthy and breed unnecessary worries and fears and I fear it will be worse when we make academic comparisons when she starts primary one.


So to make sure that I don’t fall into this trap of comparison, these are 3 things I’m reminding myself of.

1. She will develop at her own pace 

I used to be more chill of Sophie’ hitting her milestones as a baby. At this age, it’s more important to teach Sophie to try her best instead of being the best. I’m sure that as she gets more confident in herself, she’ll pick up what she needs to know eventually.

2. Focus on her strengths, gifts and talents

This is something that I need to be more intentional to discover about Sophie so that she can play them her own strengths. Right now, I can say that she’s good at reading, articulate and confident in speaking her mind, has a good memory, is observant, empathetic and caring while having a rather wicked sense of humour and is armed with a positive and optimistic outlook.

They may not be your usual music, maths, sports or arts strengths but that’s where I come in as a mum to keep discovering her gifts and nurture these talents and strengths of her.

3. To surround myself with like-minded mums

This one’s for me and an important one too. There will always be mums who enjoy boasting about their kid’s achievement and I get that they are proud of their children. But such competitive behavior only leads to unnecessary stress. So I’m picking my mum friends carefully to ensure that they are not competitive tiger mums. After all life is too short to wasted on comparisons and being unhappy from the comparisons.


Leaving you with a funny homework from Sophie’s Chinese teacher!


The Music Run comes to Singapore

It’s been a while since Alexis and I took part in any race together since the Vertical Marathon in 2013. Truth be told, I haven’t been as active as before so taking part in any race would be a feat. But last Saturday, we joined the The Music Run by AIA which was held at Sentosa.

The Music Run by AIA

This is the first time that the Music Run is here in Singapore after being in cities like Bangkok and Malaysia. The main draw of the run is where music runners get to groove and run to 5 genres of music with 5 running zones. But the part that I was attracted to it? It’s non-competitive, so no stress at all about clocking in an decent timing.

Just before we headed to Sentosa, the skies looked awfully grey. But I have a theory that Sentosa has quite a weather of its own. So we went ahead with our plans and am glad we did because there was no signs of grey clouds at all.

The Music Run 001

I don’t know about you, but there’s just something about the air in Sentosa that gets one in the mood for a fun time once you cross that bridge and that’s what we were expecting from the run.

Since the run was not a race, the music runners got flagged off in different waves. And what do we do while waiting?

Take selfies of course!

But first, let's take a selfie!

But first, let’s take a selfie!

Oh and have I mentioned how much I love that shade of bright, vibrant pink for their t-shirt! I was in my AIA Spurs Jersery along with the rest of my colleagues who came for the race as AIA was the presenting sponsor of the event.

Photo credit: The Music Run Facebook page

Photo credit: The Music Run Facebook page

And more photo taking continued after we hit the first music zone, the Rock Zone.

The Music Run 008

Striking a pose with Tina Turner and Elvis

Striking a pose with Tina Turner and Elvis

Next up was the Pop Zone, where there was an interactive shampoo tunnel where you could get your hair shampooed, washed and even dried.

Run for everyone

Along the way, I noticed all kinds of music runners. You’ve got group of friends walking, singing and even dancing to the music. You’ve got the young and the young at heart who came dressed up for a  good time.

There were also families with young kids whose parents were cheering them and I overheard a mum telling her son,”Just a little bit more” at the 3km mark and the little guy just kept going. And there were some who even came with their babes in strollers.

I’m guessing there were probably some serious runner who couldn’t care less about the flowerpots like me who stopped to take photos at every music zone.  But that’s the beauty of this run because you could do it with just about anyone as long as they were game for an enjoyable time.

The Music Run 005

The Music Run 006

At the Dance Zone, there was a Dance Club by AIA that looked every bit like a night club that were flanked by two bouncers outside.

Alexis and I joked that the dance club felt more like a sauna than anything and we were more relieved to step out of the misty tent than spend a minute inside. I always knew we were never the clubbing sort.

The Music Run 009

We finally crossed the finishing line after 5km but honestly it didn’t feel like it because we were not even huffing or puffing or trying to catch our breath.

I heard that the after run party was fantastic with DJs spinning and more partying and there was even fireworks! Too bad we missed it as parenting duties beckons.

Would I do it again next year? Why not, and maybe the next time, we’ll bring Sophie along since she’s a little rock star herself.

The Music Run 007

But before that, we’ll be taking part in the Cold Storage Kids run coming up next month in May!

It will be Sophie’s first race and she’s already looking forward to it. Will we see you there too?


My Queenstown Heritage Trail

As a child, I spent my first eight years growing up in Stirling Road. Even though we’ve long shifted, the area remains very much close to heart as my Grandma lives there. But to be honest, I didn’t have much knowledge about the colonial heritage of my childhood neighbourhood, though it was so steep in history.

So when My Queenstown Heritage Trail opened up a new Dawson & Alexandra Heritage Trail preview, I jumped at the opportunity.

Dawson & Alexandra Heritage Trail

Organised by the Civic group My Community, Queenstown Citizen’s Consultative Commitee and urban explorer Group, the other Sites of Singapore, participants will explore historic sites and community landmarks in Dawson and Alexandra.

The trail started at the Queenstown MRT and we were given a guidebook along with a headset that allowed us to hear the guide as there was a direct live feed. According to the guide, this was a more efficient way for the participants to hear his commentary without having to stop and gather everyone.

Queenstown Heritage Trail 25

Along the way to the first stop, I stopped to take a photo of Church of the Good Shepherd (2 Dundee Road).

This was the very first church I went to as a young believer as my auntie worships here and she still does today. What makes it more memorable was that, it was also where I first started attended kindergarten here too.

Queenstown Heritage Trail 01

Next we stopped at a 40-storey HBD flat. This was the Former Forfar House (48 Strathmore Avenue), which was once Singapore’s tallest public residential building at 14 storeys, also known as 十四楼.  It was a key landmark around the area due to it’s distinct zigzag appearance structure along the main road.

Queenstown Heritage Trail 02

But another reason why this block of Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT ) flat was so famous was due to it’s inauspicious association with the number 十四, hence drawing people who came here to end their lives. As my grandma says it used to be  十四楼, it’s now 四十楼 :)


Queenstown Heritage Trail 03

Taking a turn into Commonwealth Avenue, we came to Princess House (332 Alexandra Road), a 7-storey building that sits on it’s own along Alexandra Road.

The building was originally the  office for the Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT ), but later became the first dedicated headquarters for the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

Princess House in Alexandra Road

Princess House in Alexandra Road

It hosted various foreign dignitaries and one of them was Princess Margaret who came to learn about Singapore’s housing program and also lent her name to the Margaret Estate.

In 1972, the Ministry of Environment took over the premise and long queues of hawkers could be seen applying for their hawker licenses here. Princess House was gazetted for conservation in 2007 and now stand as a lasting reminder of Queenstown’s history.

Site of the Hock Lee Bus Riots

Site of the Hock Lee Bus Riots

Coming to a junction of Dawson Road and Alexandra Road is where one of Singapore’s worst riot took place in the 1950s, the Hock Lee Bus Riots.

The riots which started as a peaceful demonstration ended in twos deaths and many more injured when the riot got violent and the Riot Police had to intervene. A grim memory of our past which I wouldn’t have known if not for the tour.

Queenstown Heritage Trail 06

Along the way to Kay Siang, the guide, Mr Huang Eu Chai, pointed out the vast difference in the housing we have today. In the above picture, was the 4-storey SIT flats that used to line the roads in the area.

Now, privately designed and built HDB flats that looks like private condominiums are built up. Who would  even imagine that these are our public housing and how far we’ve progressed.

Sky Terrace -Privately designed and built HDB flats

Sky Terrace -Privately designed and built HDB flats

Skyville @ Dawson

Skyville @ Dawson

Walking along Kay Siang, I spotted the Black and White bungalows across the road, which was coined after their distinct black timber frames and white walls.

They were constructed by the British from 1930s onwards to house British personnel working in the nearby military installations at Alexandra and Pasir Panjang.  Today, they are used as art galleries and residences.

Queenstown Heritage Trail 09


The next part of the trail is when things got more exciting or errie, as we had to make our way into a forested area (yes right in Queenstown) to explore the Bunkers at Kay Siang.

From the main road, you’ll spot a metal gate and if you’re planning to make that hike, do have proper footwear as the ground can be slippery and hilly. Insect repellent is also highly recommended. Queenstown Heritage Trail 11

We spotted the first bunker and it was a mystery how they were built there. According to the guide and volunteers, these bunkers were likely built as storage bunkers back in the World War II.

What’s left of the first bunker below is only the frame as the grounds within and surrounding it has been completely overtaken by vegetation.

Singapore's version of Angkor Wat

Singapore’s version of Angkor Wat


Overtaken by vegetation

Completely overtaken by vegetation



The second bunker was up ahead and this unlike the first, it was pitch dark inside. I didn’t dare to step foot inside when I heard those inside going, “Lizards, big lizards.”

Queenstown Heritage Trail 14

Upon closer look, I spotted a water canteen and a pair of army boots… wonder who it could belong to? There was a third bunker, but as it was too inaccessible, we didn’t explore further.

Queenstown Heritage Trail 10

After we emerged unscathed, we hopped on a mini bus to take us to Tiong Ghee Temple (1085 Stirling Road). Tiong Ghee Temple is Queenstown oldest Taoist temple and sits amidst lush greenery on a hill. I used to accompany my grandma to this temple as a young child and watched wayang shows which they used to have beside the ground of the temple.

Queenstown Heritage Trail 16

A former resident shared that before Queenstown was conferred with the title as Singapore’s first satellite estate, the area was called Bo Beh Kang as the villagers were unable to determine the source of the river which flowed through two hills, Hong Lim and Hong Yin.

A pair of dragon figurine and lion statue stands guard at the temple entrance

A pair of dragon figurine and lion statue stands guard at the temple entrance

Walking a little further, we came to the Butterfly Block (168A Queensway), one of the first curve-shaped blocks built by HDB in 1973. It’s striking resemblance to the winged insect earned it’s name “The Butterfly Block” by its residents who no doubt were proud of it’s unique design that has more character than other flats.

Butterfly Block at 168A Queensway

Butterfly Block at 168A Queensway


Queenstown Heritage Trail 18


We spoke to a long time resident of the Butterfly Block, Mr Fernandez and he told us that back in the days, this used to be a buzzing areas as there used to be a circular carriage way, Rumah Bomba circus where there would be hawkers selling food and expatriates from Gillman Barracks would frequent the food stalls.


Queenstown Heritage Trail 19

Alexandra Fire Station and Queenstown Neighbourhood Police Centre

Alexandra Fire Station and Queenstown Neighbourhood Police Centre


Queenstown Heritage Trail 22

Standing at a corner of the junction between Alexandra Road and Jalan Bukit Merah, is the famous sporting shopping mall, Queensway Shopping Centre (1 Queensway). I’m sure many of us have fond memories coming here to seek out a good bargain for our first pair of sports shoes, sneakers or jerseys.

But did you know that Queensway Shopping Centre is one of Singapore’s first multi-purpose shopping complexes along with Golden Mile and Katong. Its octagonal facade resembling a ba gua is said to be traced to Feng Shui.

Queenstown Heritage Trail 21

According to the Mr Fernandez, the night club and coffee shop used to be a popular hotspot for youngsters to hang out. Though there are countless malls in Singapore, it remains a popular haunt for bargain hunters looking for good sporting deals.

Queenstown Heritage Trail 23

The last spot for the trail was Alexandra Hospital (378 Alexandra Road). Opened in 1940, it served as the main hospital for the World War II due to its close proximity to the KTM railway tracks as it was the most advanced and well-equipped medical institution in Singapore and Malaysia then.

However, it was not spared from the violence of the war. In 1942, a massacre took place where 200 patients and personnel were killed by Japanese soldiers in a short span of 30 minutes.

Today, the hospital continues to stand among lush greenery in a serene environment and is affectionately known as a Hospital in a Garden. 

And that concludes our Queenstown Heritage Trail where I had deeper appreciation of our roots and some of these places that built, shaped and defined our nation. From the interviews by the old residents, you can hear how they made the best of what they had in the past, developed kinship and a spirit of camaraderie among their community to make their neighbourhood a place they can truly call home.

After this, I’m more keen to find out about the neighbourhood that I’m currently living in and I’m sure it has many tales of it’s own.

Queenstown Heritage flyer


Registration Information

The Queenstown Heritage Trail that takes place every last Saturday of the month is free and open to the public. If you’re keen to sign up for the trails, you may register at or email to with your name, contact number, 3 preferred dates and number of pax. 


According to an update on My Queenstown Facebook page, registration for both monthly Dawson & Alexandra and Tanglin Halt & Duchess tours in 2015 have all been sold out. The next available tour is in 2016.


For a different perspective of the trail, do read the reviews from these bloggers too:


* A Juggling Mom received an honorarium to write this review . All opinions are honest and are my own.

Ocean Dreams Sleepover Party at S.E.A. Aquarium

Ocean Dreams SEA 001

Everyone knows about the S.E.A. Aquarium in Resorts World Singapore. But I bet not many know that they have a sleepover program called Ocean Dreams that takes place right in front of the grand Open Ocean Habitat. Sounds like an amazing experience?

You bet and here’s what you can expect at Ocean Dreams.

Ocean Dreams at the S.E.A Aquarium

Ocean Dreams is a 2 day 1 night sleepover program at S.E.A Aquarium targeted at families with young kids from 6 years and up. As our sleepover was on the first weekend of April, they had a special Easter program with an Easter twist from games, programs, right down to meals.

Day One

After a prompt check- in, we were ushered to a holding room and were briefed on the program. There were a total of 8 families and to my surprise, half of them were tourists hailing from Japan, India and China.

Sophie spotted a rainbow coloured giant bunny at the gift shop

Sophie spotted a rainbow coloured giant bunny at the gift shop

To keep the group more intimate, we were split into two teams and set off to explore the Maritime Experiential Museum with our friendly facilitator, Captain Ashlyn.

The guided tour, was just one of the perks of our staycation as you’ll normally have to rely on the information at the exhibits. This gave us plenty of opportunities to learn and ask questions about Asia’s maritime history and rediscover Singapore’s past as a trading port.

The Jewel of Muscat

The Jewel of Muscat

We got acquainted with the two big ships, the Jewel of Muscat as well as Admiral Zheng He’s treasure ship (Bao Chuan) and learnt many interesting facts about them. Like for example, did you know that the Jewel of Muscat, which is a replica of a 9th Century Arabian ship,  doesn’t use a single nail and its timber planks are all sewn together with coconut fibre ropes?

To engage the younger ones, there were games and activities and the kids instantly bonded as they put their heads together to solve puzzles and play charade.

Ocean Dreams SEA 003

After dinner at the Bay Restaurant in Adventure Cove Waterpark, we were off to an exhilarating 4D show in the Typhoon Theatre.

The special effects of the typhoon was so realistic complete with lighting, thunder and even rain that Sophie cowered in fear under Daddy’s protective arms. Photography is not allowed but trust me, the show is really top-notch and we were awed by it.

Ocean Dreams SEA 005

For little Sophie, her fears soon turned to excitement when she and the other kids heard that there was going to be an Easter Egg hunt inside the Aquarium.

By now, all the guests have left for the day so we had the whole aquarium to ourselves, yet another bonus where we could take our time to look at the exhibits without having to crane our necks and get elbowed by the crowds to get a better look. The knowledgeable guide.was also on hand to answer all our burning questions.

Naturally, the kids were attracted to the Discovery Touch Pool where they got to hold a knobbly sea star, sea cucumber and even a mermaid’s purse – the pod where a baby shark was hatched from.

Interactive experience at the Discovery Touch Pool

Interactive experience at the Discovery Touch Pool

One of the many Easter Eggs into the tanks

One of the many Easter Eggs inside the tanks

Ocean Dreams SEA 008

Another Easter Egg spotted with the giant crabs

My favourite part was seeing the sea jellies floating carefreely in the tank. I am always so mesmerised at the sight of these beauties and there is something so therapeutic and calming watching them float about.

It’s hard to imagine that they are venomous and can cause so much pain if one got stung by them.

Gazing at the Moon Sea Jellies

Gazing at the Moon Sea Jellies

Ocean Dreams SEA 010

Counting the Easter Eggs they found

Girl Power from the Dolphin team who found the most Easter Eggs

With our guide around, we could field off questions from the kids to her and it was an educational session for many of us adults too as we discovered the various species of marine life and their respective habitats during our private tour.

Before we knew it, our day of fun has come to an end. But bedtime was another highlight as we were going to sleep right in front of the Open Ocean Habitat viewing panel!

Now that's what I call a room with a view

Now that’s what I call a room with a view

Sleeping bags and blankets were provided and we laid them out in full view of the viewing panel. By the way, this was Sophie’s maiden sleepover but not many can boast that they slept with over 100,000 marine animals with some of the big boys likes giant manta rays, goliath groupers and leopard sharks.

In my opinion, what we had was clearly a  much superior view than the  folks in the Ocean Suite since they only got a fraction of our view. But we also got a fraction of their comfort since we had to sleep in sleeping bags #justsaying

Sleeping bags all laid out in front of the Open Ocean Habitat

Sleeping bags all laid out in front of the Open Ocean Habitat

Like the rest, we didn’t sleep after the main lights went off as everyone was still transfixed on the spectacular view before us. Sophie in particular was hesitant to sleep because she was worried that the sharks were going to eat her when she asleep.

Not an unfounded worry for a six-year-old but we explained that we were actually behind a very thick wall, 70cm to be precise, so we were not going to be supper for the sharks.

Th mesmerizing sea life before us

Th mesmerizing sea life before us

A school of fish swimming in circles

A school of fish swimming in circles


Even after Sophie drifted to sleep, I laid awake admiring the amazing sea life that was teeming with life and marveled its beauty. The world seemed to come to a stand still and brought about a indescribable sense of serenity and soon I was lulled to sleep.

Day Two

Greeted by a pair of Bunny Divers

Morning greeting by a pair of Bunny Divers

Morning soon came and after a quick wash up and a morning snack, we were whisked off for a surprise as someone was waiting to greet us – the Dolphins!

These lovable Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins were a friendly bunch and they swam up to us when they saw us waving to them.

Ocean Dreams SEA 018

According to the guide, these mammals are so clever that they could see us through the glass panel and even made clicking sounds to express their excitement.

This is usually one hot spot in the aquarium so it was really nice that we got to linger around a little longer and didn’t have to jostle with a crowd to see these adorable dolphins in action.

The adorable bottlenose Dolphins that were a hit with the kids

The adorable bottlenose Dolphins that were a hit with the kids

Breakfast was once again at the Bay Restaurant and it was a hearty meal with eggs on muffin, hash brown, sausages, baked beans and tomato and hot cross bun for Easter.

Ocean Dreams SEA 021

For the last segment, we got to go behind the scenes to check out a back-of-house tour and learnt how feeding is done at the Ocean Habitat.

No photography is permitted for this exclusive segment so I’m unable to show how the Ocean Habitat looks from the top view but it looks massive with an equivalent of 7 Olympic pools!

With our friendly facilitator, Captain Ashlyn

With our friendly facilitator, Captain Ashlyn


This was one truly magical sleepover party that we will remember for a long time. Thanks for such a wonderful experience!

I hope I managed to cover as much of our stay as possible. Do drop me a comment or question if you’ll like to learn more about this awesome staycation.


PS: Just to let you in on a little secret, the facilitator shared that special events like Easter, Halloween and Chirstmas are extra special since the Aquarium will be decorated to theme complete with themed programs. So do look out for those festive season :)


S.E.A. Aquarium Ocean Dreams

Price Adult
(13 – 59 years old)
Child (6 – 12 years old)
Senior (60 years old & above)
Family Package
(2 Adults + 2 Children)
Non-members $193 $173 $688
Members* $173 $153 $608

* RWS Invites Attraction members, RWS Invites Members, S.E.A. Season Pass holders, Adventure Cove Waterpark Season Pass holders, Universal Studios Singapore® Season Pass holders and Universal Studios Singapore VIP Tour guests.

Price includes: Admission to S.E.A. Aquarium within the stipulated hours of the program. Sleeping bags will be provided to all participants.

Participants can purchase discounted tickets to Adventure Cove Waterpark if they wish to continue their visit in the park after the Ocean Dreams program.

Do check out the next available dates for Ocean Dreams from SEA Aquarium website.



* A Juggling Mom was invited to Ocean Dreams at S.E.A. Aquarium to write this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are honest and are my own.