Trick Eye Museum, Resorts World Singapore {Review and Giveaway}

The Trick Eye Museum in Resorts World Sentosa is Singapore’s very first 3D museum in Singapore. Boasting more than 100 optical illusions, visitors will amazed at how two-dimensional paintings on the floors and wall can turn into lively and immersive 3D artworks.

We had our first experience of trick eye museum during our holiday in Korea and remembered how much fun we had posing for photos that transported us into another world. And after our visit to the Alive Museum in Suntec, we were keen to see how the Trick Eye Museum stacks up.

A World of it’s Own

There are 6 thematic areas in Trick Eye Museum which are World of Masterpieces, Safari Kingdom, Stars of Circus, Dreams of Fairytale, Love in Winter and Adventure Discovery.

When we arrived on a Friday afternoon, there was a snaking queue. No surprise since it was located in Sentosa and would be a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. So if you’re planning a visit there, it may be a good idea to go on weekdays or as a friend recommended, to go in the evenings at dinner time.

As we stepped inside, we were greeted by larger than life exhibits of a crawling baby and circus troop.

Trick Eye 01


The famous Starry Night painting by Van Gogh



Sophie enjoying life on the beach (She’s actually really just sitting on the floor)


Meet the new elephant trainers



Watch us grow and shrink with a simple optical illusion

P1490662 - Copy - Copy

This one of us being held hostage by the Anaconda has got to be my favourite. It was actually being taken upside up and we were sitting on the bench. I think my hair gave that away didn’t I. Just look at Sophie nailing the terrified expression. 


This is another piece that was so life like! P1490705
Be transformed into an angel or perhaps…
Trick Eye 08

A fairytale character….
Trick Eye 10


If you’re bringing kids along, you’ll be assured that there’ll be no signages such as no touching. In fact, you’re encouraged to interact with them for more realistic photos. The question is just now creative and daring are you?


Alexis totally nailed these photos! According to the expert (he was talking about himself), the key is to getting the hair and position right and you’ll be convincing people that you really did a parachute jump.

For the ladies, do come dressed comfortably in pants as you’ll not want to risk any indecent exposure while you climb up a tree or ride on the whales.



Sophie ready for a bewitching time 

Everyone PULL!!!

This was another fun piece where Sophie looked like she was floating. But if you rotate it 90 degrees clockwise, you’ll see that she was really just lying on the floor.


My ballerina dream come true!

Dream a little dream of me…

My mummy was so amused by the swimming Merlion, one of the localised pieces that frankly looked kinda cheesy. Well at least they tried to add some local flavour to the exhibits.

This horse racing one was Sophie’s favorite piece as she lived her dream to be a female jockey.

While my favorite piece is the snow globe that puts me in the mood for Christmasy.


With the beauty of 3D at Trick Eye Museum, everything is possible!

Do be prepared to spend up to 1 to 2 hours here. It’ll be lots of fun for those of you who enjoying taking photos.

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* A Juggling Mom was invited to the Trick Eye Museum to write this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Mama’s Here

A cough, a stirring in the night
Mama, mama, where are you tonight?
That familiar call of my child in the middle of the night

Mama’s here, Mama’s here I said in reply
As I kicked off my blanket and fly straight to her

Your body’s warm and so is your face
Oh the dreaded fever is here
With big fat tears rolling down your cheeks
I comfort you whispering, “No fear, no fear mama’s near”

Morning comes and you arise
That temperature persists but not steal your joy
“Mama take care of me so I can get well”

We read, drew and watched TV
that dreaded fever still does not leave
By noon, your liveliness dissipates
So mama came and sent you sent to bed

You pulled my arm close as you lay down
Play my lullaby and put me to sleep

You stroke my arm and gave me a kiss
I close my eyes mummy and you rest too

A good rest is perhaps what you mosy needed
For after your rest
You looked your best

Thank you mummy for taking care of me
With a hug and a kiss you shower me
Didn’t I tell you dear that mama’s here.


This was written when Sophie was down with fever last Thursday. She’s hardly unwell so seeing her down is really a bummer.

Being home with Sophie when she’s sick is both bittersweet. There are time when there are deadlines at work and I simply can’t be home with her. So I thankful for understanding bosses and colleagues who knows that among my many roles, I’m a mummy to my girl too.


Baby, baby, don’t you ever forget that mama will always be here for you.


Sharing one of my favourite photo of us taken by Step Tan at her recent Pass It On Campaign.

Wildlife Currumbin Sanctuary, Gold Coast

After spending a relaxing day at Sufers Paradise on the first day, we headed to the Wildlife Currumbin Sanctuary on Day Two in Gold Coast. We had initially planned to visit it on the first day as it was very close to the airport. But we were zoned out after we landed as we didn’t get much rest from our red eye flight so we postponed it to the next day. Turned out to be a good decision you’ll need to walk about a fair bit and we spent about hours there.

The Wildlife Currumbin Sanctuary is one place that gives you the opportunity to get up close with some of Australia’s native wildlife, like kangaroos and koalas and that’s something that Sophie looked forward to.

While it’s ground were not as big as our Singapore Zoo, we learnt that the sanctuary operates on a not-for-profit basis where all it’s revenue is reinvested back into the park in conservation-based research, caring for sick and injured wildlife and public education. But you can rest assured that it’s anything but run down and most of the animals looked like they were well taken care of by the keepers and volunteers. 

We arrived there early at 9:30am and were greeted by the sleepy koalas who were on the tree branches. Sophie was so afraid of waking them that she made us speak in hushed voices. Here at the koala enclosure, you can carry and have your photo taken with them. The only problem is finding one that’s awake as koala sleep between 16-20 hours a day. What a good life!

Alexis gets lots of cuddles from this fella named Happy!

Do you know that because of the koalas diet on eucalyptus leaves their fur gives off a very scent that smells like cough drops? The keeper were very friendly and answered all our questions besides taking photos of us from the side.  And we had some pretty good shots like these.

Don’t you feel like hugging them too?

We walked on to catch one of the performances, Dr Doolots and the Creature Teachers. While it was a silly show for young kids, it was educational as the host shared interesting facts about the animals in the form of “interviews” with the animals.

Kids were asked to participate and answer questions on stage while doing a funny walk which had the kids in stitches, while the adults were rolling our eyes with the host’s lame jokes. After the show, there was also a photo opportunity with the possum.

The other wildlife performance, the Birds of Prey show was one of the other spectacular show where they introduced different breed of birds from eagles, owls, pelicans, parrots, macaws and so many more. We also got very close to the wedged -tailed eagle when it swooped just above our heads as it glided from the front of the stage to the back.

A picture with the handsome Wedge-tailed Eagle, which is largest bird of prey in Australia. It was so heavy that my arms were trembling.

Within the sanctuary, there is also an onsite wildlife hospital which was started by it’s founder Alex Griffiths 63 years ago. Wild animals get sent here for treatment where they receive veterinary care from the staff and they are one of the busiest Wildlife Hospitals in the world!

We heard from one of the keepers that a koala got sent here after it was knocked down by a car and have since recovered was released back to the wild.

Please throw your trash or you’ll end up hurting the wildlife

The paths around the sanctuary are generally flat making it easily accessible for prams and even wheelchairs, so it’s a very family friendly attraction for both young and old. Along the way, we spotted the Tasmanian Devil and the Enchidna.

Short beaked enchidna that looks like a porcupine

Caught another performance and this was where they showed how sheep searing is done. These two guys were actually keepers but they did a good job a the show where they humoured the crowd and even spoke in Mandarin and had the Chinese tourists cheering and laughing.

For families with young kids, you’ll definitely want to watch the train ride round the park that’s included in admission. We took it the cafe where we had our lunch which was next to the outdoor playground and then later into the kangaroo enclosure.  

At the Wild Burger and Cafe for lunch

 The sight that would delight all kids – the outdoor playground.

The last stop for the day was inside the kangaroo enclosure where there is a a large walk through paddock where the kangaroos lazed around. We were told that most kangaroos are most active before sunrise and sunset, that why they appeared so sluggish and were just lazing around lazily. 

In fact, all of them appeared too well fed and were not keen to have their afternoon nap disturbed by the annoying tourists. Occasionally, we’ll see a few of them hopping about and the kids will go wild trying to run behind them. 

Initially Sophie was very hesitant to feed the kangaroos but turned out she was much braver than me who dropped the pellets and even flung it to them at one point when they came nearer to me! Alexis held Sophie’s hand and inched her hand near to the kangaroos and soon after she got used to the “ticklish” feeling she was more gungho.

Besides the kangaroos we also spotted a cousin of theirs, the wallabies, in an enclosed enclosure. Being smaller creatures, the volunteers told us that they tend to get “bullied” by the bigger kangaroos and would have to fight with them for food. These little guys do look smaller and a lot tamer than the kangaroos.

Can you spot the wallaby?

The kangaroo who was disturbded by some flies

We spent more than an hour here inside with the kangaroos and Sophie was more than happy with her new found friends. There were many volunteers on the grounds who can help to snap photographs for you or even answer questions about these marsupials. 

Sophie patting a little joey

To view the park grounds, here’s the link to their website and the park brochure. If you do plan a visit, do make sure you arrive early as the lorikeet feeding session a signature of the sanctuary. However, if you do miss the morning session, there is one in the evening just before the sanctuary closes.

Do set aside half a day of visit and wear comfortable walking shoes. As usual, do bring along mozzie repellent, hats, shades and wipes and a a sense of adventure!



Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
28 Tomewin Street
Currumbin Queensland
4223 Australia
Mon-Sun: 8:00am-5:00pm

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Facebook page


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Wordless Wednesday – Oh Happy Day



Oh Happy Day

That day was a particularly happy day for Sophie because we celebrated her birthday in her childcare. We surprised her with a new Sofia the First dress with a handful of happiness with her balloons. Each step had an extra spring in it and boy did she have the biggest smile that day as her friends sang and wished her happy birthday.

I didn’t want to get that precious memory slip and made it into a layout.

For this layout, I used some of my favourite elements with shades of pink and paper dollies. The tags are from Crate Paper’s Oh Darling collection and the water coloured polka dots background is from Studio Calico Wanderlust collection.

I like buying paper where there are sentiments and tags on a 12X12 which gives me extra mileage. Plus the colour scheme usually matches so that saves me headache on trying to find colour coordinated tags to match.

Oh Happy Day is also one of our favoruite songs.  Yes, the song that was in Sister Act where Whoopi Goldberg turned what was a solemn hymm into a contemporary and upbeat song. That’s teaching Sophie about our faith in a fun way and she loves clapping her hands to it as we worship.

The next project that’s on hand is finishing up our Gold Coast travel mini album. I have tons of photos to print but that’s a good problem :)



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Motivational Mondays – The Pursuit of Happiness

Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels.” 

–Bertolt Brecht

How often can you say that you are truly happy?

This week I was challenged by Justina of Making Mum to embark on a 5 day thankfullness challenge. What I had to do was to list 3 things I’m thankful for and tag two other friends to do the same.

Sounded like a tall order to me at first. After all, do I have so much to be thankful for each day? But as I started to reflect on my life, I realised that I have so much to be thankful for and a sense of gratitude is something that I need to cultivate in my life.

They say that social comparison is the thief of happiness. And how true is that, especially in a consumerism society like ours when we base our happiness on fleeting events and acquisitions that we think we need made worse by advertisements and social media. We may get a rush of excitement from our long-awaited purchase, that latest IT gadget, that bag, and the list goes on and on.

But once we own it, the question begs, what next and we go on lusting for the next buy. And guess what this endless pursuit of things, often leaves us feeling more empty and unhappy than before because we think that our lives are incomplete without them.

Perhaps if we would just stop chasing the world’s definition of happiness and look at what we already have, we’ll come to realise that happiness is in life itself. And that means fully appreciating what you have and being the person that you want to be without the need for anyone’s approval.

So sure, I may have chores to do when I come home from work, but that means I have a roof over my head and a family that I can care for. I may have very few me-time for myself, but that means that my family needs me. And as I get older, I’ve also learnt how to differentiate what I can change and cannot change. And for things that I cannot change, I’ll not fight battles that are not worth my time and energy.

And of course, one sure way to find happiness is to have a heart of gratitude because when you start to count your blessings daily, you’ll realise that you have so much to be thankful for and be happy about.

So I challenge you to take up the Thankfullness Challenge and go ahead and count your blessings one by one. Have a very blessed week!

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