My Little Pony Musical in Singapore – Rainbow Rocks


My Little Pony Musical in Singapore

With a primary school going kid, October is associated with exams and stress. While Sophie may not have any exams, she does have mini tests… well actually how can it be considered mini when she’s tested on a whole year’s worth of learning? Anyway, it’s all ending next week and I know that she’s looking forward to November when the school holiday starts.

And this school holiday, she’s in for a huge surprise because we’ll be catching her all-time favourite My Little Pony in their musical premier, Rainbow Rocks! We’re so looking forward to it as we are fans of these lovable, colourful ponies who are always sharing the magic of friendship wherever they go.


With the My Little Pony, Apple jack and Twilight Sparkle


At the My Little Pony Friendship Run this year


What my child will remember about me

One thing I wasn’t warned about Primary School was the number of school holidays my daughter was getting when she entered Primary One. You see back when Sophie was a preschooler, she attended a full day childcare where they had the usual public holiday closures and 6, 7 days of centre closures for centre cleaning, teachers training, etc. It was all good for me as a working mum because it means she’s well cared and I didn’t have to worry about making alternative arrangements.

Now that’s she’s in Primary School, we have extra days of school holidays from term breaks in March and September, school holidays in June, November and December. Then there’s also school closures for post National Day, post Deepavali, PTC, and this week school’s out for 4 days due to PSLE marking days.

I know Sophie is certainly not complaining, because no school and no classes. Since Primary Ones get to escape the dreaded year end exams (a huge relief), she’s likely going to bury herself in lots of reading plus tv and play time at grandma’s place. 

But what these extended school breaks mean for working parents like you and me is more meticulous planning of our annual leave. I hear you too that my annual leave is just never enough especially when our kids enter primary one since the childcare leave entitlement gets cut from 6 days to 2 days. 

The things my child will remember


I know it’s easy to tell our kids that mummy and daddy got to work that’s why we can’t be with them during the school holidays. But please don’t ever tell them it’s because that’s how we get money to buy them the latest toy or take them on holidays because I know for a fact they’ll rather trade that toy or holiday for dad and mum to be with them.

Between hubby and I, we try our best to take leave whenever school’s close to take Sophie out because we know it means the world to her. I know much is said about having quality time that makes up for quantity time but sometimes it just doesn’t measure up.

Work is no doubt important but what matters more is that I want my daughter to know she’s significant too. And for that she’s always very appreciative whenever we take leave to spend time with her and create precious memories in her childhood where mummy and daddy are never far away.

Cheat sheet on where to go when school’s out

On the past few occasions, we’ve taken her ice skating at Kallang Ice World in Kallang Leisure Park which we absolutely loved as it was a much needed respite from our crazy hot weather.

Sophie was a real champ going from a total noob to skating independently after just 2 hour. I just love watching her in action as her initial apprehension turns to confidence as she skate with ease and even high fioves me for another accomplishment unlocked.


Channeling her inner Else while ice skating at Kallang Ice World


Two weeks ago, we took her bowling at Orchid Bowl in SAFRA Punggol on Children’s Day because according to her, it would be a crime if we didn’t celebrate it with her :P.

Thanks to my friend’s recommendation, we found out that they carry bowling balls that were just 5 pounds, making them very suitable for children. Plus they have the most adorable games to keep score where you get to “dress” your monster.

There were other variation of game scores but we were happy with this and any thing that makes the little one tick. Oh but I gotta add that Sophie had muscle aches the next day and asked for massages, so go easy  on the bowling.

Besides bowling, you can also take the kids to Splash @ Kidz Amaze, an indoor water playground where water play can happen rain or shine. Or how about karaoke at Manekineko, where you may just discover your kid’s singing prowess.



Bowling at Orchid Bowl in SAFRA Punggol




Another time, I took these two on the Circle Line to hunt for tape art at Sixth Avenue. It’s a part of Singapore that we rarely venture to but I’m glad they were game for a little adventure and even obliged with lots of hilarious poses which I shall not embarrass them with on the blog.



Rocking it!


As for this week, she’ll be mostly at grandma’s place but I’ve made plans to take her to KidZania with some friends and I hope she enjoys it since she didn’t have any company on her first visit.

The best childhood memories I had, were the moments when my parents were there

I hope that all these little seemingly small thing  creates the best kind of childhood memories for Sophie, one that held her hand when she learnt to skate, one that cheered her when she first bowled, one that had bedtime stories told by mummy, one that had crazy awesome prata tower with her, one that laughed with her, cried with her and most importantly, one where I was right there for her.

What Sing! China taught me about having an exceptional mentor


Like the whole nation, I followed the first season of Sing! China with much anticipation as we had our first homegrown local, Nathan Hartono, charmed the judges with his soulful singing and showmanship at the auditions and sailed his way to the finals where he eventually clinched second place in the immensely fierce singing competition.

And who can forget the whole fiasco over 45+47=81?


Voting results aside, like what Nathan said, what he gained from the singing competition was way more than the coveted title itself as it opened up a world of opportunities into the China market for him which he never could have imagined if not for this competition.

While the Sing! China revolved largely around the contestants, the 4 mentor judges, also known as their 导师s  were instrumental in grooming these budding songbirds and more importantly every one of them displayed what it means to be an exemplary mentor and here are 5 reasons why they make such exceptional mentors in my opinion.


5 Qualities of Exceptional Mentors

1. They have an eye for potential

In the case of this singing competition, it might be more apt to say that they have an ear for potential.

But jokes aside, If you’re unfamiliar with the format with Sing! China, it’s a blind singing audition where the judge mentors do not see the singer’s face until they hit a buzzer.  So really, their vocal chords and singing chops are all these contestants have got to showcase and for the judges to spot potential from a mile away says a lot about their experience and also vision for these singers when they plan to “recruit”  and develop them for their team.

2. They are committed

Being a mentor takes commitment and before the finals, each of the mentors had 10 students under their wing where they had to strategise  a game plan for every single one of their students.

Judging by the interviews from their students, it’s evident that every mentor showed nothing short of commitment and dedication when they took time to understand each of their student’s strengths and weakness, their unique sound qualities and what worked best for them in order for them to push the envelop week after week and grow through this journey.

And the mentors did all these while juggling their family commitment, recordings, interviews and concerts (at least in the case of Jay Chou).


Nathan Hartono performing with his mentor, Jay Chou

Just read what Nathan raves about his mentor, Jay.

“He was an exemplary leader, an exemplary musician and one of the most hardest and efficient workers I’ve ever met,” Hartono said. “He’s (Jay Chou) a busy guy, he’s arguably one of the most famous people in Asia but the amount of care and attention he puts into every student and the performances and everything, it’s really crazy.

“He does his homework – he does his own research on his time off – to make sure he’s aware of every student’s strong and weak points. And I think more than anything, I learned that a work ethic will take you far; very, very far.”

“I saw how much he believed in me,” Hartono added. “I saw how much care and work he put into every performance. It wasn’t just a job to him. That inspired and motivated me to really try as hard as I can because I guess part of me didn’t want to disappoint him.”

Credit from Nathan Hartono’s interview with Channel News Asia

3. They never stop learning

For some of these judges, they had to learn a new genre of music which they are unfamiliar with. In the case of Na Ying, one of her student does Hip Hop in her team and in Episode 8, Na Ying revealed that she did her own research on Hip Hop and found out the category of Hip Hop which was her student’s signature style and how she learnt to appreciate and embrace it.

And what’s even more commendable is how each judge never imposes their own style or way of doing things on their student just because they have made it, which may sound awfully familiar of leaders who try to conform others to be a mini versions of themselves. Instead, these mentors take time to build rapport with their students, understand their individual strengths and gave them one to one advice on how they can maximise their fullest potential on stage.

4. They lead by example and are an inspiration to model after 

Nathan Hartono was not the only student who was all praises for his mentor.

In many of the student’s interviews, they shared how lucky they had been under the mentorship of their mentor judges and beyond the invaluable singing guidance, what they were inspired by was witnessing how dedicated and hardworking their mentors have been with their song selection, music arrangements, and even choreography that were all personalised.

In Episode 11, Harlem showed that he’s not afraid to take risks when he challenged his student with an Indian Bollywood music arrangement of Pharrell Williams’ Happy. Even though it sounded odd to me, his student rose to the challenge, aced it and wowed the judges with it which goes to show that mentors have to step out of their comfort zone if they want to step up themselves.

5. They celebrate your success

In my opinion, a true mentor and leader always stands on your side and will never be intimidated by your success. In fact, they are the first ones to pop the champagne and celebrate your success simply because they are genuinely happy for your accomplishments.

Week after week, I see these four mentors talk about their students with pride as they described how their students have grown and improved over the course of the competitor. And what struck me most was seeing the delight and glow they have on their faces, like a parent rooting for their child at Sports Day, when their students take center stage and do their thing. You can’t miss that and I bet you they really are swelling with pride.


A truly great mentor is hard to find, difficult to part and impossible to forget.


A lesson on mentorship was not quite what I had in mind when I watched Sing! China but it sure made me ever so grateful to have crossed paths with some outstanding mentors in my life, who have been a guide and provided precious counsel and support in my career, spiritual journey and life’s journey 🙂


What are some qualities that make an exceptional mentor? I’ll love to hear from you.

Weekend Wandering in Singapore – ArchiFest 2016

Weekends are the perfect time to sleep in but it’s a luxury we haven’t been able to enjoy with Sophie’s enrichment classes happening before 9am on Saturday mornings. I know I shouldn’t be complaining since we’re the ones who decided that it’s better to get the classes over and done with by Saturday morning so that we can have the rest of the weekend to ourselves.

When a space finally opened up for a weekday class after almost a year’s wait, (I’m not even joking) I was ecstatic and accepted it without hesitation. With our Saturday mornings freed up, I suddenly seemed to have gained extra hours on weekends to spend with my family and I’m simply loving it.

Weekend Wanderings

Needless to say, I made plans for our glorious weekends and last week, we headed to Raffles Place on Saturday. The CDB is usually a place I never step foot in on weekends since I’m already there 5 days a week plus I really wasn’t keen on being reminded about work at all, thank you very much.

But I went and brought my family along because the technicolour urban structure at Raffles Place Park was finally unveiled for ArchiFest 2016.


About Archifest 2016

Archifest 2016, an annual public festival for Singapore to celebrate architecture and the built environment.
Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the 2016 theme is titled “Exhale”. ‘Exhale’ examines the rapid pace of life that is often associated with a dense city. ‘Exhale’ questions the city’s ability to accommodate people who are searching for a different tempo. ‘Exhale’ challenges the inhabitants of the city to dictate their own rhythm of life.

Our 10th anniversary edition starts 23 Sep to 9 Oct 2016, all are welcome!

Taken from ArchiFest Singapore facebook page

The intention for Archifest is to get the public to see architecture in in a new light and they certainly caught my attention when I saw the steel scaffolding going higher and higher day by day whenever I went for lunch. Plus it’s really hard to ignore it when the kaleidoscope of colours transformed the whole facade with the rainbow netting.

The end result? A striking Instagram worthy backdrop.


Step into the Archifest Pavilion






Processed with Snapseed.



Filling up on happiness

It’s certainly not everyday where I’m this exuberant to be in CDB and who can resist this joy inducing colour therapy? They certainly work wonders in lifting our mood and I heard one of the activities for Archifest is #FlipTable where you can literally flip table when your boss makes you do shi*** work AGAIN. It happens today on 27 September and 3 October.


Chillaxing in an Airmock

Singapore’s first travelling book swap by Books & Beers at Archifest last Saturday that encourages a culture of sharing and recycling their favourite titles with others and bonding over beer.



The exterior of the scaffolding looked equally if not even more mesmerising against the background of an urban jungle surrounded by skyscrappers and tall buildings in the middle of CDB.




Silly poses with mummy

Sophie also caught sight of the swings and giant coloured pencils on the lawn and she went off for some fun.

It’s funny how a child makes you appreciate these little things that often go unnoticed when you’re one of the many office workers getting around in Raffles Place with our hurried footsteps from Monday to Friday.




Putting her beam work at gymnastic class to practice

Besides lots of photo opportunity, there are also activities held on weekends at the Archifest and here’s what’s suited for families. Do check out the listing on Archifest’s Facebook too.

ArKIDtecture Children Workshop

The workshop at Archifest Pavilion on Oct 7 and 8 will provide children with a hands-on design interactive experience where they can use their imagination to create their own musical instruments, which are inspired by the rhythm and tempo of Singapore.

Suitable for kids aged 6-12 years old. Complimentary session, Registration required.


1. Pick up a copy of the Archifest Festival Guide or Paper Fan at the Archifest Pavilion@Raffles Place Park.
2. Color it (either on ur own or use our coloring stations!)
3. Post your favorite colored section to Instagram with the #COLORARCHIFEST hashtag.
4. The most number of LIKES wins S$500 cash!

Entry Period: 23 Sep (Fri) to 9 Oct (Sun)
Online Voting: 23 Sep (Fri) to 9 Oct (Sun)
Suitable for all ages 🙂

How to take Kicka** architectural photos on Instagram

Yafiq Yusman takes amazing photos on Instagram (@_yafiqyusman_), just check his account and you’ll want a crash course from him on taking beautiful Instagram photos.

Pokemon hunting at MBS

We went for Archifest in the late afternoon on Saturday and stayed till the evening where we took a short stroll to MBFC for dinner at Iciban. So pleased that there was no queue on a Saturday evening because Din Tai Fung was just as crowded as usual.

Since we heard how MBS is such a hot spot for catching Pokemons, we headed there after dinner and was not disappointed as I caught my first  Kadabra, Charmeleon and Kabuto! We also caught jynx, Grimer and Rhyhorn amongst many others. A good spot to park yourself is near the fountain where the light show is as that’s between 2 Pokestops. A tip I have for you, when in doubt, just follow and crowd when you see an exodus of people moving.


And so I digress and may have made an afternoon at Raffles Place sound more enticing than it usually is with Pokemon hunting as part of the weekend plan.


Archifest’s 10th anniversary edition ends on 9 Oct 2016, so do pop by the technicolour pavilion before it end.

Festival Period: 23 Sep (Fri) – 9 Oct 2016 (Sun)
Location: Archifest Pavilion@Raffles Place Park
Address: 5 Raffles Place, Singapore 048618
Opening Hours: 9.00 am – 7.00 pm daily

DIY Pokemon Lanterns


Pokemon Go fever hit Singapore last month and since then it’s been the hottest topic among family and friends. I was hesitant to download it initially because just how fun can it be to catch virtual creatures?

But after a while, I felt so left out when colleagues around me were playing it at lunch time and I just couldn’t phantom hubby’s excitement each time he caught a new Pokemon or when he leveled up with an ‘evolved’ Pokemon.


If you can’t beat them, join them.