Wordless Wednesday – Wanderlusting in Gold Coast

The blog’ been a little quiet and there’s a good reason for it as I’m away in Gold Coast, Australia for our family vacation.

We’re loving the cool weather and will probably miss it when we get back. The laid back carefree feeling is in the air. Oh how I wished we didn’t have to go back soon.

Meanwhile here’s what we did here in Gold Coast.


The mandatory tourist photo at Surfers Paradise









Happy hump day and I’ll be back to share more about our trip when we get back. It’s going to be a busy week when I get back as planning for Sophie’s fifth birthday with a Sofia the First theme goes underwway in full force.

Hope you’re having a great week so far and don’t forget  to vote for us before the blog awards ends tomorrow :)

Skyline Luge Sentosa – Where Once is Never Enough {Review and Giveaway}

One of Sentosa’s most exciting attraction is the Skyline Luge. With a combination of high speed adrenalin rush, panoramic views from the chairlifts and thrilling decent down the winding tracks on it’s unique 3-wheeled gravity rideit’s no wonder that it has been voted as the top attraction in Sentosa island by visitors on the popular tourist review site, Trip Advisor. Since it opened it’s door in 2005,  the Skyline Luge has providing both locals and tourists alike with great fun and excitement with a huge dollop of adrenalin rush for the past 9 years. With it’s latest upgrades and extensions, it promises to leave customers with a more memorable experience.

The Improved Skyline Luge

In it’s continuous effort to improve the visitors experience, they recently upgraded the tracks and added eight more ticketing counters as well as family friendly spaces. To make guests more comfortable, they also expanded the seating area,  sheltered space and also added a new F&B kiosk that serves light bites and savoury finger food.

We first brought Sophie at 4-year-old to the Skyline Luge back in April when we had a staycation at the Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa for my birthday. When she saw how quickly the luge sped past her, my little speedster was all ready and roaring to go. 

One for the camera before we take the Luge!

What Sophie didn’t expect was how high the chairlift ride which took her up 320-meters from the ground. The  first time she took the ride, she had to put on a brace front and force a smile for a picture before telling me to put my camera away and stop talking to her.

Last picture mama. Please put your camera away NOW!

While it may be a frightful experience for those who are afraid of heights, it’s the perfect place to catch a bird’s eye view of Sentosa island, the Singapore skyline and the South China sea. and come evening time, you can even catch the fireworks from the newly opened Wings of Time show.

For Sophie, her fears were soon exchanged for lots of thrills and laughs as she took turns to ride tandem me and Alexis as we sped down the two different tracks. Of course, when she had to take the chairlift the second and subsequent times, she was unfazed as she knew that an exhilarating ride awaits her. Needless to say, she enjoyed herself and asked us to bring her again!

So when we had the opportunity to ride it in the evening to check out the upgraded Jungle track, she was the most enthusiastic one of all.

Skyline Luge by Night

Not quite ready to ride alone yet

Taking the Luge when night falls was a whole different experience. Unlike the day, where you need to remember to slap on your sunblock, the ride up on the chairlift and down the tracks is more comfortable as you enjoy the evening breeze and wind in your hair. And though it feels a little more intimidating taking the chairlift up at night, we got more comfortable after taking it the second and third time.

In the night, the two tracks, the 688 meters Dragon trail and 628 meters Jungle trail come alive with flashing lights to guide you down the tracks. On the upgraded Jungle track, you can’t miss the visually arresting RGB LED lighting fixtures. And as much as I hate to admit that I’m getting older, I could definitely feel the difference when I took the Dragon trail as I had to pay more attention and concentrate harder.


And true to what it promises, once is really not enough and we took a total of 8 rides that evening and left way past Sophie’s bedtime. I guess someone wasn’t complaining since she had so much fun.

It’s one thrilling ride that’s fun for the whole family and suitable for all ages.


Skyline Luge Sentosa

Opens daily 10am-9:30pm




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Please note the folllowing T&Cs:

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- Children under 6 years or shorter than the required 110cm to ride alone, may ride the Luge in tandem with a full paying adult


* A Juggling Mom was invited to the Skyline Luge to write this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are honest and are my own.

Motivational Mondays – Love Language #1 : Physical Touch

We all know that we love our children and spouses but the question is have we shown them in a tangible way that they know it? For me, understanding the different primary love languages that every individual has is enlightening as Alexis and I has very different love language.

His is without a doubt Acts of Service while I swing between Words of Affirmation and Quality Time. And because we both have different love language, we show and receive love in different ways. I still remember the gift that I received from Alexis this year was not flowers or even a card, but him taking time to clear the study room so that I can have my crafting corner. Since then, I also try to reciprocate by putting my love into action like offering to do his share of chores or putting Sophie to bed so that he can have his personal aka caveman time.

You may truly love your child and spouse, but unless they feels it- they will not feel loved


Since a few of my friends have benefited from the book, the 5 Love Languages, I thought it will be worthwhile to share more about each love language on the blog so that we can know the areas to work on and enhance our relationship with our spouses and children.


Love Language #1 : Physical Touch

For children, they need plenty of physical touch in their early years. That’s why they feel most comforted by a hug, a cuddle or a kiss. And when they grow up, these may turn to hugs and kisses, wrestling with daddy for boys and riding on daddy’s shoulders. For young kids, most of their primary love language is physical touch  before they grow up to be more aware of other needs.

For those whose love language is Physical Touch, your message comes strongest with a meaningful touch. And similarly when you hold back on them, and use them as an expression of anger, it may hurt your spouse or child very deeply.

For Sophie,. she’s a huge fan of hugs and kisses and the teachers in her childcare always laugh at us because she can hug and kiss and hug somemore and even scratch my arms when I drop her off in the mornings. When she’s upset, I calm her down with a tight squeeze and rub her back to calm her down.


Love in Action

Here are some ideas for you if your child and spouse love language is  Physical Touch

  • Huge and kiss everyday when you leave and return from work or before you tuck your kids to bed
  • Stroke your child’s hair or rub their shoulders when they had a bad day
  • Snuggle closely when watching the TV together
  • Give your spouse a massage after they had a long and tiring day
  • Give high fives to celebrate a win or when you see them accomplish something new
  • Read storybooks with your child on your lap
  • Reach out and hold your spouse hand when you walk together
  • Occasionally call for a group hug for the entire family and don’t leave anyone out

Do you have any more to add on?  Next week, we move on to explore about  Word of Affirmation.


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Foodie Friday – Dong Po Colonial Cafe

I first heard about Dong Po Colonial Cafe from ieatishootipost when Dr Leslie sang praises of just about everything in the cafe. I made a mental note to check out the cafe but never got round to it until recently.

Stepping into the cafe was like a blast from the past. The walls are adorned with vintages posters of cosmetics brands from my mother’s era. I liked their use of retro looking furniture as well as memorabilias, magazines, and even traditional childhood games.

I spot the Gnomes series in the bookshelf!

Carom Table?

The cafe is not very big but when we were on a weekend morning, there were enough seats for everyone.

It’s hard to make a choice when you have so many choices

They offered so many old and new favourites that Sophie was stumped. Where do you even start? But it was not long before these 3 hole cookie caught Sophie’s eye and she asked for one.

Their signature long cup vanilla cup which is so buttery soft and goes well with black coffee. Noticed that unlike most places which serves them as a slice, this long shape makes it easy for you to dip into your cup of coffee.




My choice of breakfast was the Bostock with eggs and a kopi O. Bostock is an Almond Cream French Toast and I liked how it had the right amount of caramelised syrup without being too sweet. And I enjoyed every bite as I sank my teeth into the almond flakes on top of the bread. No wonder it’s one of their top sellers.

Slurping it all up, yes the good old fashioned way.

Just before we left, I noticed that they sold jams and their zesty lemon curd sounded like something that will make my tummy very happy :) Next time perhaps.



Interestingly, they open till 8:30pm and 9:30pm even without any staple food. Guess their items are still good for a light bite for the night.


Dong Po Colonial Cafe
56 Kandahar Street Singapore 198904
Tuesday-Thursday: 9:30am-8:30pm
Friday-Sunday: 9:30am-9:30pm
Close on Monday
Tel: 6298 1318

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Wink to Learn Speak and Read English {Review and Giveaway}

For many parents, flashcards are one of the first few ways that we use to teach our little ones to recognise words. And for us, it was no different and flashcards have served us well in teaching Sophie both English and Chinese. The options out in the stores are plentiful and for more hardworking parents, you can also choose to print and laminate your own flashcards at home.

Wink to Learn Speak and Read English 

We recently received a 4 part DVD series Speak and Read English from Wink to Learn that helps children to learn how to read and speak in English. The objective of the program is to recognise more than 500 words and to form proper phrases and sentences using proven flashcard-techniques developed by Dr Glenn Doman and Dr Shichida, two early childhood educator experts. 

The DVD consists a total of 48 topical lessons which systematically help your child to recognise words and to form proper phrases and sentences. The DVD included a parents’ guide with a  suggested lesson plan so that parents know how many lesson to play and for often to get the most out of this program.  The set that we receives is suitable from as young as 12 months and up to 7-years-old. Though they mentioned that below 12 months can also watch it, I’ll not encourage this at such a young age.

What I liked about it

When I played the DVD, Sophie was drawn to the TV and she was very receptive to the words that were played on the screen. Now, if you’re like me and are hesitant about letting the kids watch TV, rest assured that the lessons are short.  For Sophie, we only played two lessons at a time, and it only took no more than 8 minutes!

I liked that the the voice overs didn’t have a strong accent and the pronunciation of the words were accurate to a tee. To help kids learn how to read the words, they also colour-coded different syllabus using bright colours, something which I find is very useful and may even get her to start doing by underlining the syllabus when she reads.

Kids can learn words from a wide range of topics such as: Action, Animals, Colours, Flowers, Modes of Transport, My Family, Numbers, Descriptive Phrases, I am…, I can…, etc.

Here’s a preview of one of the lessons to get an idea of what you can expect.

If you’re keen to get a set too, you can purchase them from Groovy Giraffe here. Oh and a little introduction about Groovy Giraffe- they are a local online reminder bookstore focusing mainly on Children’s Books. The site offers books at unbelievable value where you get to save as much as 85% off the same title elsewhere!

And how do they do it?  They obtain their books from publishers who overprint books and can’t sell all of them to standard bookstores. Hence the term “remainder bookshop”. But not to worry as all books that you order are brand new! 

We ordered two books, one was Bear’s Magic Pencil and  a pop-up book Postcards from Dora and they were both delightful reads. Do check out their fantastic offers and I love it that delivery only takes 3 working days!

And here’s a deal just for all blog readers, when you use the code you’ll enjoy a  5% discount off all purchases!


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Do note that winners will have to self-collect the DVD from The Groovy Giraffe (Everton Park) or pay $5 for shipping, and there will be no exchange of books or conversion to store credits.

* A Juggling Mom received a set of Wink to Learn Speak and Read English DVD and books from Groovy to write this review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are honest and are my own.

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