Wordless Wednesday- My Little Miss Sunshine

If there is one thing that I adore about Sophie, it’s her vivacious personality that radiates like the sun. She’s like a bundle of positive energy all packed up in her little frame just waiting to burst into song and dance at any opportunity (rather make that whenever she hears FROZEN!).

Even as a babe, she was a happy jolly baby,  ever ready to dish out her megawatt toothless gummy smiles. So it doesn’t take much efforts from us to hear her coo and laugh. And oh how I love to hear her girly giggles and infectious laugher that never fails to lift my spirits.  

In fact, I can almost hear her giggles in my head  just looking at this photo of her taken at the playground over the weekends.

Never ever lose your joy my baby!


Dear Sophie,

In just 4 months, you’ll be turning five. That’s a pretty big deal isn’t it? The other day, you asked me what I liked about you. And while I can probably rattle on about the many many things I love about you, the one that tops the list is how you have a joyful and cheerful personality that shines from within.

You have a funny bone and enjoy saying the funniest things to tickle me. And nowadays, you like to say absurd things only to add, just tricking you and roar in your signature boisterous laughter.

I thank God that I always have you as my instant stress reliever because your contagious laughter never fails to make me break into a smile no matter how tired or stressed I am. You’re mummy’s little bottle of sunshine, always shining where you go. Don’t you ever lose that in you.


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Sophie’s First Easter Egg Hunt!

What started as a idea for an Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday turned into reality with a group of amazing ladies whom I’ve known online. I have to admit that I’m not such a good planner but we managed to pull it off with everyone chipping in planing activities and games for the day. While the rest hosted, cooked and came armed with crafts, eggs, jelly for the party. It was nothing short of an accomplishment considering how we had to make last minutes change of venue due to the rain.

Pamela our story teller who also led the kids in songs assisted by her little cutie, Shawna

The kids paying attention to the instructions before game time!

  Lil Pumpkin and Ai with Baby Joshua


What’s an Easter Egg Hunt without an egg in spoon relay? Definitely a nostalgic game that I recall playing when I was a kid

 Sophie’s first attempt at the hula hoop and it sure seems like she’ll need more practice on it

 Adam cheering his team mates on.  ”Go friends go!”

 Asher and Shawna armed with their recycled milk cartons and all ready to hunt for some Easter Eggs

A pink egg spotted by Dana

Looks like Sophie and Kenan both missed the egg right on top!

Kerbie looking on while  Issac and Shawna searched for more eggs

Mission accomplished – 3 Easter Eggs all found!

After the egg hunt and games, the kids were in for a treat with chocolates and jelly! You can tell they were very very pleased to be on sugar high :) It was such a heart warming sight to see the kids warm up to each other quickly even though they saw many new faces and I think that’s something that we adults should learn from them, don’t you think?


Despite the chaos of having so many adults and kids confined in a function room for the activities, it turned out to be a success judging from all the tired but happy faces. But the best part was having the opportunity to catch up with everyone and meet new friends, hubbies included!

This was Sophie’s first Easter Egg Hunt party and we hope to make this an annual tradition for the group in future too!

Hope you had a lovely Good Friday and Blessed Easter. My heart is so filled with gratitude to Abba Father for His great love for me, that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross bearing my sins and shame that I may be forgiven and have eternal life in Him!

This is the most outrageous and extravagant love that anyone can ever shower on you and me!



The Great Egg-venture at Sentosa

This Easter, Sentosa has some egg-citing activities for you! We braved the heat yesterday and headed down to  the Emerald Pavillion at Siloso Beach and checked out their Egg Fiesta happening from now till 20 April.

One of the mega events that’s happening on Sentosa is their great Egg-Venture where you have to spot giant eggs like the one above. These hand-painted eggs stand at 1.5 meters and are beautifully designed by local artists from various association, charity groups and schools. If you do spot them, just scan the QR code and take part in the contest where there are cash prizes to be won. It was pretty fun but it’s no easy feat when there are 100 of them in Sentosa, Mount Faber and HarbourFront.


At the Emerald Pavilion, there are activities like  walking on eggs, easter egg hunting and a crafting corner for the little ones.

Alexis very gamely went first and attempted to walk on eggs. Let’s just say that gravity was not in his favour while Sophie and I aced it! #firewalkingnexttime

There was an Egg Garden where where even the most active kids will turn into cautious little mice as they keep their balance, walking on eggs while searching for their easter eggs. Rare sight to see them holding their breath as they walk.

 The popular Little Hands and Minds corner returns, where kids can craft and make Easter mementos.

And yes, we did it! We found 5 eggs and won for ourselves a $25 dining voucher from the Wave House in the lucky dip.

Little ones are not left out with a special toddler egg hunt for those under 3 years old too

Since Universal Studios Singapore closes later on weekends at 8pm, we decided to go over and see what they had for Easter as well.

Someone was so egg-cited to spot Sesame Street themed Easter eggs! Super duper cute!

 Madagascar ones too! And here’s Sophie trying to kissy kissy Alex

We even managed to catch  the Easter Bunny showing off this drumming performance at the final show for the day.

And for the first time, we got to see the fireworks in USS . While it was not as spectacular as the ones in Disneyland, they sure made everyone’s day.

Sentosa’s Great Egg-Venture ends 11 May 2014. But if you want to catch the Egg Fiesta at the Emerald Pavilion, today’s your last chance.

Happy Easter everyone!

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Child Label – Personalised Designer Labels {Review and Giveaway}

Ask any parent whose kids attend playschool, childcare or even Sunday school and they’ll tell you that everything needs to be properly labelled if you don’t want to end up with missing belongings after a day. While there may be many options out there in the market, you really want to look for high quality, durable labels that are able to withstand multiple washes and are waterproof, freezable, microwavable and scratch resistant.

Having gone through many disappointing experiences with stickers and labels since Sophie’s infant care days, I was excited to try out the labels from Child Label.

To get started on your orders, you get to choose from two types of labels, Sticker labels, which are their classic vinyl sticker labels or Iron-on labels, which are safe for washing machines and dryers.

The labels are available in two shapes, circle or rectangle and comes in a variety of designs that will be suitable for both your little boys or girls. But the part I like best is having the option to add Chinese name at no extra costs.

Brightly coloured labels in two different shapes plus a Chinese version too

Labeling all of Sophie’s belongings to ensure she don’t lose them in school or in church

I also got to try on the iron-ons to cover up the existing maker label on Sophie’s uniform. They were a breeze to use and the step-by-step instructions is as per what you see on the sheet below. Nothing complicated and it was


be done in a jiffy.


Overall these labels from Child Label delivered on design and quality. Another plus point, is that local shopping is free for all orders. And if you’re not from Singapore and want to order from them, no worries as they ship internationally too. Helping your kids keep track of their belongings is so much easier with Child Label.

To place your orders, do visit Child Label website here.


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Motivational Mondays – Disconnect to reconnect

If there is one thing that most mums want in their lives, it’s more time in any given day. As a working mum, I often lament that I have no time especially when I have to juggle work and family from Mondays to Fridays. And come weekends, you can throw in housework, cooking, packing, washing to the equation and you get a pretty tired out mum.

But to be completely honest, I often find myself spending more time than I would like to admit on my smart phone and the internet most days. Yes, they are my little foxes in my life that are threatening to spoil the vine. It’s so easy to lose track of time just scrolling, liking, reading everything from status updates to Instagram pictures. And as bloggers, we all like receiving comment love, so I try to also spread some love by hopping over to blogs and leaving some love too.

So just when I thought that I should scale back on my blogging, the internet connection at home had some problems, so I decided to take a blogging break even though I had a couple of posts scheduled. And since Alexis was out of town for work for a few days, my mum came over to my place to help out. So last week, most evenings was spent playing and reading more bedtime stories with Sophie. And later in the night, I also chatted with mum, did some reading and caught up on my Project Life.

It felt so refreshing to sleep before midnight. Yes, I often sleep at odd hours because I stay up to surf the internet or blog after everyone is asleep which has taken a toll on my body and the pimples speak for themselves. *Bleh*

And during my digital detox time, I reflected and penned down the reasons why I started my blog and the direction of my blog forward. This much needed time to reflect has given me so much more clarity and I wonder why I didn’t do it earlier :)

Ultimately, we all have 24 hours in a day and it’s up to us how to make the most of it and spend it in the most meaningful way. While I enjoy the online connections , I am also reminded that my family deserve my full attention when I’m with them. So I’m embarking on a personal mission to be more intentional to disconnect and reconnect to make time for those that matters most to me, myself included :)


 Image source:  Beautiful Army


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