Grow closer in your marriage

A lasting marriage is only possible when two people choose to grow closer instead of growing apart.

In our 13 years of marriages, we’ve gone through so many phrases but the scariest ones is when we grew apart and felt like giving up on each other.

It’s so common to hear couples drifting apart over the years and end up feeling like housemates living under the same roof, staying together only because of the kids.

In our marriage, I’m the annoying wife who forces my husband to talk to me when I feel that we’re drifting apart. There are times, I hit a wall when Alexis prefer to keep silent or when I give him the silent treatment hoping that he can read my mind (I still don’t learn my lesson)

And some of our ‘honest till it hurts’ conversations have led to explosive tension and tears of frustrations and regret. But it’s also when the walls come down after we bear our feelings to each other that we admit that both parties play a part in keeping our marriage alive.


The grass is greener where you water it


You know the saying, the grass is greener where you water it? Don’t get so busy envying other people’s marriage and wishing yours was as good that you fail to nurture your marriage.Love can be reignited even when the passion is gone and whoever said that men has to take the first step.

If you feel that your marriage has become dull and boring because of mundane routine, make extra effort to make it more interesting. Find a common interest, read a book together, try a new sport, explore the latest dining joint… Sure we have days where we want to do our own things, or just be with our girlfriends but don’t forget to make time for each other.

Our marriages are worth fighting for every single day even when it feels like the world is pulling us apart. A couple doesn’t drift apart because it just happens but because we’ve allowed it to happen. That’s why we must make a choice to grow closer.

Stay on the same course, look in the same direction and remember you have a partner for life.


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