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I’m not letting working mum’s guilt trip me up this time

So how’s it like going back to work? October was a month of adjustment for me where I returned to… Continue reading »

Making a career switch for mums

It’s been pretty quiet on the blog lately and the reason for my absence was no doubt triggered by the… Continue reading »

Working mums, you are doing your child good

Ask any working mum and they’ll tell you that the one thing they struggle with the most is mummy’s guilt…. Continue reading »

Motivational Mondays – Keeping the Joy as a Working Mum

I may be a juggling mum, but I’m certainly no super mum.  Like a huge majority of Singaporean women, I choose… Continue reading »

Caring for my family with the simplest change

One of the greatest challenges as a working mum is for me to take care of the family while juggling… Continue reading »