Improve Composition Writing with Big Ideaz Online Course

Feeling baffled when your child scores poorly for composition even though they are avid readers? You are not alone.

It is a common myth that just because a child enjoys reading, they will naturally write well.

If you are looking for ways to improve your child’s composition writing but dread another logistics hassle, here’s a convenient alternative – Big Ideaz Education online writing course.

Big Ideaz Education Online Writing Academy


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Dear mums of one, you are not alone

Dear Mums of One,

This Mother’s Day, I want to tell you that there is no shame in being a mum of one. Don’t ever allow anyone to make you feel less of a mum because you just have one.

Despite what people assume that our only child will be lonely, it’s not true because they have us. All of us.

Our undivided attention which they don’t have to share with another sibling.

Our only child never has to worry about favoritism and having to compete for your affection.

Society tells us that we need to have a big family to be complete. Do our part and contribute to nation building. Be fruitful and multiply. To try for a boy if we have a girl. To try for a girl if we have a son.

But a family of three can just be as complete.

Three is just as complete


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My scars do not define me

The long ugly scar that runs down my abdomen is a visual reminder of a surgery I never wanted. An operation that robbed my dreams of ever having a son or a second child to cradle in my arms.

As my birthday approaches, I take stock of life by doing self-reflection. They say that to move forward in life, you should not be looking over your shoulder at the past. But without seeing how far you’ve come, how can one truly appreciate where you are standing now?

My birthday last year was spent in the hospital. The last place I’ll ever imagine myself to land up in especially after returning from a blissful vacation for two with my husband.

But the physical pain after the operation was nowhere near the heart wrenching anguish where I will not experience being pregnant again. The recurrence of fibroids has grown aggressive over the years and there was no way my body could take any more operations.

“Just remove your womb. It’s all for the better,” my doctor advised very matter of fact. (more…)

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Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay

Floral Fantasy (奇幻花园) is Gardens by the Bay’s (滨海湾花园) latest attraction at Bayfront Plaza opening on 14 April 2019. It’s close proximity to Bayfront MRT, makes it hard to miss as it is a major entry point for locals and tourists.

We’ve always been awed by thematic display at Flower Dome and were certain the new permanent attraction will be another captivating floral tapestry.

This cosy 1,500 square meter indoor space features more than 3,000 plants and more than 150 species in four diverse garden landscape, each showcasing a different artistic concept.

Here’s a sneak of what each zone offers. (more…)

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Overcoming differences in our marriage

“Stop calling me a heartless man”

That was Alexis’s last straw when my attempts to guilt trip him incited his anger. Before this eruption happened, Alexis suggested throwing out everything that didn’t spark joy as he grew tired of the clutter in the home.

Being more sentimental and admittedly the hoarder between us, I found it hard to let go of many things, especially items that may well serve those just in case moments.

In my mind, I pictured myself throwing up both hands, and retorting, “But you are heartless!” If this scene did play out in real life, a war of words with escalating voices would be exchanged in the heat of the moment. So I bit my tongue and kept silent. (more…)

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