Washi tape altered letters

In case you haven’t notice, I’ve developed an obsession lately.It’s a perfectly healthy obsession except maybe for the fact that it’s has been burning a hole in my wallet.

And it’s none other than my washi tape obsession.

I don’t know how come it took me this long to discover the beauty of washi tape. Thanks to some of my more crafty friends on Facebook and Instagram  who have posted photos of their washi creation, I’ve been admiring their washified (a term I came up with) items which can range from hairclips, pegs and even a chair.

I made an accidental discovery that Typo sold washi tape and at a bargain when I snagged two for $3 and have been hooked since. I’ve decorated my handphone cover with washi tape and also decorated my journal with washi.

And here’s one of my latest washi creation for altered letters.

Supplies needed:

  • Assorted washi tapes
  • Wooden letter
  • Scissors
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush



I bought these uber cute animal print washi tape from a Japanese shop in Orchard Central and they were perfect for my altered letter as I was going to gift this to a little princess.


Then letter was also bought from Typo (surprise, surprise). After applying washi tape to the whole letter, all I had to do was give it two coats of Mod Podge which acts as a sealer and finisher.

I was told that my friend initially thought that I had bought it, so that was an awesome compliment. Perhaps I should consider taking in orders for personalised altered letters.

And since it’s Easter this Sunday, it’s definitely fitting that this “E” reminds us of the extravagant love that we’ve received from God the Father that He gave us Jesus to die on behalf of our sins so that we may have eternal life in Him.



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  1. Janice March 27, 2013 at 2:36 am Reply

    hey babe, where did you get your washi tapes? nice nice! can i get them online? clearly, work and kid = no time for shopping, let alone be creative but i do do do wana get in touch and rekindle my creative side! so inspired by those ‘crafty” mommies out there!

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