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Wordless Wednesday – Wanderlusting in Gold Coast

The blog’ been a little quiet and there’s a good reason for it as I’m away in Gold Coast, Australia… Continue reading »

Rest in progress

Thanks for dropping by. Sorry I missed you as I’m away on holiday with the family in Hong Kong this… Continue reading »

Rest for the weary

It’s Monday, just two days away from my holiday. And instead of feeling excited, I’m feeling tired. Yesterday, I could… Continue reading »

Green Green Grassland (青青草原) and Small Swiss Garden (瑞士小花园), Cing Jing

 When we did our research on Cing Jing, two of the must go tourist attractions were Green Green Grassland (青青草原)… Continue reading »

Taiwan Summer Fun in Cing Jing, Taiwan (Day 3)

After our farm stay at the Flying Cow Ranch, we’re off to Cing Jing to visit Cing Jing Farm, 清境农场. We… Continue reading »