Sophie turns 6 – My Little Pony Birthday Party, Friendship is Magic

As the nation celebrated our Golden Jubilee last weekend, my little national baby had her own coming of age as she turned 6 years old on 9 August.

We initially contemplated travelling over the long weekend when we learnt that 7 August was declared a public holiday. But we eventually decided against it as this was a significant year to celebrate our country’s 50th year of independence and settled on a staycation right at home.

But before the long weekend, we kicked off the birthday celebration with a mini party in Sophie’s childcare centre, the very last one before she graduates from being a pre-schooler and gets promoted to primary school.

The theme she chose this year was My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic!

My Little Pony Birthday Party

When it comes to cartoon cakes, there’s always so many choices available. But I noticed that none of the local bakeries like Bengawan Solo,  Prima Deli or Swensons does My Little Pony designs (or am I missing something?).

So I asked for recommendations on my Facebook page a reader, Adeline pointed me to Baker’s Heart.

Cake from Baker’s Heart

And I couldn’t be happier at my choice. Look at the gorgeous looking two tiered cake. *gushes* >.<

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 04

My Little Pony cake from Baker’s Heart

I was so blown away by the vibrant colours and the cake looked as good as the sample photos they sent me. My request for Sophie’s cake was to have it in rainbow colours and they recommended going with rainbow coloured rosettes on the bottom layer and pink gradients on the top layer.

Even her name and the wordings were all in candylicious rainbow colours and all her friends oohh and ahhh at the cake too. And the extra details with the rainbow and stars made it look even more magical.

Just in case  you’re wondering, this is a 1.5kg cake and feeds 30 pax just nice with a few coming back for second and third helpings.

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 05

The birthday girl with her K2 class.

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 09

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 02

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 14
Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 03

Since I don’t get the chance to throw a party, I decided to make a simple centrepiece with a little pink bucket and added photo props of My Little Pony characters like Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle which I printed off from here. To dress up the table, I even brought along a couple more figurines as decoration. That’s how many My Little Ponies we had.

Notice that big ass number 6 balloon in the photos?

The story behind it is hilarious and I thought I should journal it down. I got some helium balloons for the mini celebration and saw that the party shop had a number 6 in golden glitter print. Because my 6 year old favourite colour is golden, I thought she’ll like a surprise and got it.

But little did I know the balloon measured almost 90cm in height and it was too late to change my mind as they filled it with helium. Imagine the stares I received as I took the MRT over to her childcare 😛

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 06

For goodie bags, I decided to keep it neutral since she had more boys in her class and got books from the Timmy and Tammy series that’s close to home as we’re celebrating our Golden Jubilee. One of the titles is the newly released, What is Singapore.

Magic Show by Tricky Patrick

To celebrate Friendship is MAGIC,  the tagline of My Little Pony, I surprised the kids with a magic show.

I got in touch with Tricky Patrick who was recommended to me by 2 friends who have watched his show. I must say he definitely delivered when he guaranteed the kids will laugh otherwise he’ll tear up the cheque.

Initially I arranged with him to perform the magic show for the older kids in the CC but later thought the younger ones in PG and N1 would also enjoy it and he very readily obliged.

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 12

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 07

His show was not only entertaining and funny, it was also very interactive and lively as he got a few kids along with Sophie to participate in the magic show. And from the way that he interacted with the kids, you can see that he’s got lots of experience, 15 years in fact and he’s now a full-time magician living his dream to being cheer and laughter to kids and adults 🙂

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 08

The kids enjoyed every minute of the show and there was never a dull moment as he wowed the little audiences and adults alike with his amazing magic tricks which had the kids literally for more.

Their ecstatic faces during the show says it all!

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 10

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 11

At the end of the performance, the kids all surrounded him trying to get him to reveal his tricks but a good magician never lets the cat out of the bag.

That evening, I got a few messages from some parents as their kids were all going on and on about Tricky Patrick and asking their parents to please invite him for their birthday. So I guess you can call it a success!

Sophie 6 My Little Pony Birthday Party 13

Sophie with Tricky Patrick

Exclusive birthday package for fans and friends of A Juggling Mom

Tricky Special has very generously offered all fans and friends of A Juggling Mom a $50 discount from his packages. All you have to do is quote “AJM50off” to enjoy this exclusive offer!

Do place your bookings early as he’s really sought after and you may check out his website too.


Happy 6th Birthday Sophie and may you stay sweet as sugar!





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  1. Ai Sakura August 14, 2015 at 3:03 pm Reply

    Happy 6th birthday Sophie. My my.. that is such an epic cake!!!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • Susan August 14, 2015 at 8:56 pm Reply

      Seems like a few friends also went with them and had nothing but praises for their cakes too

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  3. Pauline September 9, 2015 at 5:33 pm Reply

    hi, your daughter birthday dress is so beautiful. where you bought it?

    • Susan September 13, 2015 at 6:00 pm Reply

      Hi Pauline,
      Thanks. It’s from H&M but not sure if they still carry it now as we bought it a few months ago.

  4. KidiParty June 30, 2017 at 5:44 pm Reply

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