New Discoveries in the New Year

Over the long New Year’s weekend, we went to two shopping centers and was pleasantly surprised to find children’s playground in the mall. I get to do my shopping and Sophie gets her share of running and climbing around, perfect combo! I really appreciate how child friendly Singapore is becoming these days.

313 Orchard- Level 5, Sky Terrace

I have been to 313 Orchard countless times but never knew they had a playground in the mall.

For a mall that doesn’t have any children related shops, I’m impressed that that they even have changing/nursing rooms catered for parents with young kids. And mind you, their changing rooms are one of the more spacious ones I’ve come across where you can even find a hot water dispenser and microwave in it.

In case you’re wondering where the children’s playground is, it’s inconspicuously hidden behind Toast Box. While there are no slides and swings here, kids can still have a fun time running around or have some quiet playing time at these learning  stations.

One of the more challenging game was this machine, called the Neos Wall with 4 columns, that looked like mega huge amplifiers that could blow you off the roof. There are different game to choose from and involves hitting the rings on the columns to score points.

This is something that that older kids or hey, adults would enjoy. Sophie also chipped in by hitting the rings that were closest to the ground.

Single play or multi-play


I12 Katong, Level 4, Roof top

Katong Mall has been undergone a revamp and reopened as I12 Katong, a play on it’s address 112 Katong. Personally, I find the name kinda cheesy. I “1” “2” xx at Katong .. 😛

Anyway, back to the playground. Instead of your typical playground structures, the roof top children’s playground is actually a water play area. Seems like there are more of these water playground after Sembawang Shopping Mall and Nex.

 Plus points:

  • Lots of open space for the kids to run around.
  • The material used for the ground absorbs the water well, so that the surrounding area is not wet.

Minus points:

  • Toilet and changing area are located at the other end of the building.
  • No dry playing area. So for kids who didn’t bring a change of clothes, sorry to disappoint you 🙁

By the way, that was what happened to Sophie. When one can only see and not join in the fun, that’s tough for a kid. We promised to take her back another time and yes we’ll remember to bring towel and change of clothes the next time.


Have you discovered any new playgrounds lately? If you do check out these playgrounds I mentioned, do let me know what you think of them.


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  1. San January 10, 2012 at 10:14 pm Reply

    Oh, nice looking playground at 313! LOL! Must be pretty well-hidden.. shall hunt it out the next time I’m there. And yes… I think your girl will love 112’s water playground… 😛

    • Susan January 11, 2012 at 10:53 pm Reply

      Yes, it does look very inviting on a hot hot day. I think I will love it if I were her too!

    • melvinchia August 3, 2018 at 3:52 pm Reply

      Take the lift or escalators to the Food Republic food court, go up to Toastbox. There are glass doors that lead out to the view of Orchard Road. The doors lead to the kids playground (turn right) and the NEOS play station (turn right).

  2. Little Notebook SG January 11, 2012 at 2:46 pm Reply

    A couple of great suggestions there Susan. We’ve been to the one at 313 – it is fairly well hidden, which makes it lovely and quiet. We were the only ones there when we went! At the time we went my son was only around 18 months old so thought it might be better when he got a bit older. It seemed better suited to older children. The one at Katong looks great and I’ve also heard good things about the waterplay area at Nex. The small water play area at Level 2 of VivoCity is also a bit of fun. 🙂

    • Susan January 11, 2012 at 11:03 pm Reply

      I haven’t brought Sophie to the waterplay areas at Nex or Vivo city yet as the kids all look older and hence tend to be more rowdy, at least in my opinion. I’m sure, your son will enjoy the one at Katong.

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  4. Ming February 20, 2012 at 5:52 pm Reply

    Thanks for this! Remembered it and went down over the weekend and had fun with the girl! 🙂

    • Susan February 20, 2012 at 10:48 pm Reply

      Glad that Yahn liked it.. and I guessing you and WL had fun too!

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