Loving our children unconditionally

Wanna hear a joke from Sophie?

What did the triangle say to the circle?



You’re pointless 🤣😂😁


💖Love letters to Sophie💖

You cracked me up with yet another joke and I thought to myself how I adore this playful side to you. You are our constant reminder to always look on the bright side of life, particularly the fun side.

There are also testing days when you challenge my authority to prove you have a mind of your own and no longer a child. Where your persistent whys as a babe have been replaced with why nots. When you are snappy and frustrate me with your angsty tweenage responses.

Loving all of you

But I want you to know that I still love all of you. Not just parts of you that are lovable but also the unlovable bits because even till today, I’m still a work-in-progress myself. And who’s to say that not what makes who you are too?

Loving our children unconditionally is a mama’s super power but it doesn’t mean it’s always easy. It just means I need to rely less on myself and more on God who first loved us so unconditionally.


It’s been on my mind to pen a book for Sophie.

A book to contain my love letters to her. A book that will also encourage other mums in their personal parenting journey as we can be so hard on ourselves.

Starting the first step is always the hardest but here goes the first letter 🙂


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