Holiday Extravaganza at Legoland Malaysia

The highlight for 2015 must certainly be all the vacations we took this year. From our laid back beach holiday in Krabi to shopping and eating heaven, Bangkok. And it was more eating in Penang and Hong Kong where we had a wonderful time in Disneyland.

And for our very very last trip of the year, we headed up to Johor Bahru for Legoland Malaysia!

Legoland Christmas 01

Since it was December, the theme park was dressed up for their Christmas Holiday Extravaganza! Upon entering, we spotted Santa and hitched a ride on his sleigh pulled by his trusty reindeers which are all made of Legos pieces! And thankfully we didn’t spoil his ride otherwise he can’t finish his delivery of presents.

You definitely wouldn’t miss the Lego Christmas tree that’s more than 9 meters high and made entirely of Duplo blocks in near the Market Restaurant . What caught my eye were these ginormous drool worthy boxes of Lego at the foot of the Christmas tree. They would not only be a kids dream come true but for adults especially the Lego fans too. If only…

Legoland Christmas 02

Legoland Christmas 03

Looks like it snowed in Lego city!

Legoland Christmas 27

It’s a snow themed Lego City

Legoland Christmas 20

The first area we headed to was Lego City where Sophie drove a car at the Junior Driving School, an aeroplane and a boat at the Boating School. I hopped on as her passenger on two of the rides and the boating experience was really quite fun.

The queues can get quite long for these activities so it’s a good idea to come here right after you enter the theme park. We waited 15-20 min for the boating school but it was worthwhile being driven by Sophie!

Legoland Christmas 05

Legoland Christmas 07

Legoland Christmas 06

Legoland Christmas 22

Another parent and child activity that we enjoyed was the Rescue Academy where we had to drive our rescue vehicle to put out the fire.

Here cooperation is required by both parent and child and Sophie was frantically jumping up and down to pump the water to aid Alexis in extinguishing the fire.  She even scolded me for taking photos and ordered me to stop taking photos and go over to help! In the end, we were first place under the command of Tyrant Sophie!

Legoland Christmas 08

Pump, pump, pump!

Legoland Christmas 09


Legoland Christmas 13

Next, it was off to Land of Adventure where we took the laser blasting ride, Lost Kingdom and Beetle Bounce, a ride which bounces and descends you unexpectedly.

Surprisingly, the latter was one of Sophie’s favourite ride since it was the same sort of ride that scared the daylights of her when we were in Disneyland. She was so brave that she even lifted her arms and tried to peel my hands off the handlebar to do the same, but I’m not that crazy.

She got to play inside the indoor playground Pharaoh’s Revenge while seeking shelter from the intermittent rain that played hide the seek the whole day with us. A word of advice from my hubs is to leave your kids to their own devices here and not try to climb around with them if you don’t wish to hurt your back.

Legoland Christmas 11

The only thrill in Land of Adventure was the flume ride but Sophie didn’t want to go on it and I’ve learnt not to force her against her will after a bad experience in Disneyland. So she sat out of it and stayed in the Lego Station at the side of the queue and waited for us. Turned out this was one soaking wet ride and we got so drenched, which explains why I saw people taking the ride in their swimsuit. #notkiddingyou

Since Sophie was not keen on the more exciting rides, we took her to the Duplo Playtown and here everything is Sophie sized!Very friendly area even for little kids where they can have a fun time in the playground or hop on board the Duplo Express.

Legoland Christmas 10

Legoland Christmas 14

We crossed over to the Lego Studio and caught 3 of the 4 4D shows screening and the special effects from rain, snow and wind were so realistic. In fact, it was so realistic that Sophie decided to put on her raincoat for good measure! I like her sense of humour.

The shows were pretty good especially Clutch Power. And if you want to avoid the full effects, sit at the back rows which we discovered later and avoided the ‘rain’.

Legoland Christmas 15

NOW, I’m ready for the 4D show!

Legoland Christmas 21

Pit your gaming skills and win soft toys!

Lego Kingdom means only one thing, the Dragon roller coaster! Since this was not on Sophie’s agenda, she went for the Royal Joust and this ride is just so royally cute! We had some technical issues on the roller coaster and nearly got soaked wet in the rain but I guess that’s also part of the fun.

Legoland Christmas 19

And every visit to the theme park is not complete if you didn’t get a photo with the mascots. So here’s one with Frankenstein and Ninjago Kai!

Legoland Christmas 17

Legoland Christmas 18

By the way, you must watch the Ninjago Live Show, The Realm of Shadows that’s currently showing at the Lego City Stage and will soon be a permanent fixture of the theme park.

This Bunraku-style LEGO Ninjago live interactive show brings you on an adventure with the Ninjagos through a combination of state-of-the-art 4D special effects, mesmerising puppetry and mind-blowing video mapping! The performers who handled the puppets also had very good control and brought the characters to life.

Alexis and I were glued to our seats throughout the whole 20 minutes and were impressed by the show which made the different settings and puppets come to life in a sensory immersive experience.

Legoland Christmas 23

Legoland Christmas 26

Legoland Christmas 12

Building our Christmas themed Lego structures at Lego Mindstorms

Oh and did you know that just for this holiday season til 3 January 2016, the park’s opening hours has been extended by an hour to 7pm!So before we left, we stayed on to catch the Holiday Extravaganza at 6.45pm and to see if we are lucky enough to win something in their special Legoland Advent Calendar lucky draw that happens every evening.

Legoland Christmas 24

We really don’t ask for much. Just THIS will do!!!

Legoland Christmas 25

The 2 hosts sang and danced and delighted the audience as we all tried to keep a look out for Santa to light up the Christmas tree. Of course, he’s found in the end by the Toy Solider and how lovey the lighted Christmas tree looks against the red evening sky

Legoland Christmas 28

But before we sign out of the park, we had to get our hands on these Christmas themed Lego Baubles and magnets from the Big Shop that will make great gift!

Legoland Christmas 29

Lego theme baubles that are going up on my Christmas tree!

Legoland Christmas 04

There are only a few days before the Holiday Extravaganza ends and on 31 December, there’s going to be musical fireworks to light up the sky!

Weather wise, we did experience intermittent rain so do go prepared with ponchos and your brollys. And if you’re wondering about the jam, it took us 1 hour and 15 mins to get from Tuas to Legoland on a Friday morning and surprisingly just 30 mins from JB checkpoint to Singapore on a Sunday late afternoon. It was very unexpectedly and thank God for a safe journey to and fro too 🙂

Hope to come back for their Water Park the next time when the weather is better!


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  1. Ai Sakura December 23, 2015 at 2:08 pm Reply

    what a great way to end the year with a bang!! 🙂 now enjoy the rest of the holidays in SG and Merry Christmas!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    • Susan December 27, 2015 at 11:02 pm Reply

      Thanks Ai. Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family too 🙂

  2. Sandra May 30, 2016 at 11:39 pm Reply

    Thanks so much Susan for all your tips and sharing!!! We had a fantastic holiday here…!

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