Motivational Monday – Tips to stay committed to your fitness goals

It’s March and how are you keeping to your fitness goals that you’ve set at the start of the year?

Personally it’s been slow moving and the rainy weather has not been helping much too (I know excuses, excuses!). But what did it for me, was my insatiable craving for all things, fried, oily and sweet over the weekend from no where. To the point that even a friend pointed out that I was having way too much indulgence from the Facebook pictures. What can I say, I’m guilty as charged.

 Yes this was what I had over the weekends


Beating myself up is not the way to stay committed to my fitness goals, so it was back to running for me on Saturday and it felt great.

A Juggling Mom’s tips to stay committed to your fitness goals:

1. Don’t deprive yourself:  I’m sure I’m not the only one who suddenly have binging cravings, to simply eat without abandonment and forget about the calories or oil or sugar. I might have gone overboard last weekend, so I’m making sure that I’m noting all this in my food diary to make sure that this doesn’t repeat. Bounce back and don’t let one or two bad meals get you down.

2. Food diary: Keeping a diary of everything you eat helps you keep track of how much you are feeding your body and more importantly how you’re feeling when you’re eating it. Eg I know that when it’s that time of the month, I need carbs and having salad alone will make me miserable and it probably justifies why I’m having chocolates too.

3. Stay positive: Don’t feel despondent if the figures on the scales are not moving as fast as you’ll like to. Remember consistency in what you do will bring about changes for a healthier lifestyle with more exercise and a balanced diet.  Think positive and you’ll soon see the results that you’ve worked hard for. Don’t give up!

4. Surround yourself with cheerleaders: Find people who have the same goals as you and keep motivating each other. My hubby has been a great cheer leader in this aspect as he’s been going for runs and exercising with me. I’ve also found like-minded friends with the SMB community where they’ve linked up on my Motivational Monday and also Jia Hui’s Fit and Fab Friday.

5. Find activities you enjoy: Hubby and I have recently gone roller blading and beside being a fab way to exercise, it also a great way to spend quality couple time. Just doing one activity may be boring, so switch it up. I like to go for jog, climbing stairs, working out to my DVD exercise routine or simply running around the park or playground with Sophie. I’m not kidding, it’s tiring and I’m sure burns as much calories but with lots more laughter.


Remember, be positive and don’t quit on yourself. If today was a bad day, brush it off and start again.


Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. -Jim Ryan


How do you keep to your fitness goals? Do share your exercise tips, successs or struggles and let’s be each other’s cheer leader.

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  1. Mum's the word March 11, 2013 at 1:23 pm Reply

    woah! I so agree with you!! and it’s so true we never regret a run! But we always regret not running!! =)

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