Turbo Movie Review

As part of Sophie’s birthday treat, I promised to bring her to the movies. The last time she caught was Monsters University. While it may have been a cartoon, I found the story line a little too mature for her and more of an adult cartoon movie.

This time, she choose the movie Turbo, a movie about a speedy snail which goes against the commonly used phrase, as slow as a snail. She got interested in the movie as we see the movie poster every time we walk past it on the way to school. And when some of my friends gave it the thumbs up, we couldn’t wait to watch it for ourselves.

Turbo Movie

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Brief synopsis of the movie:

A garden snail, Theo, always dreams about being as fast as his idol who is a race car driver. A far-fetched dream for any snail especially when he comes from a community where no one dares to take risks.

One day, by some freak accident, he gets swept off the expressway after he made a wish to be fast when he sighted a wishing star and finds himself in a street car race where he winds up being infused with nitrous oxide in him.

The next day, Theo finds himself behaving strangely, almost like a speed car. By some twist of luck, Theo and his brother ends up being picked up by Tito, a taco truck driver who operates from a street mall that has turned into a ghost town. Tito discovered his little friend’s special talent when he put Theo in a snail race and history is made when Theo, or Turbo, as he now goes by is allowed to enter into the prestigious Indianapolis race where his idol races in. Needless to say, the unlikely underdog wins the race and saves the street mall where Tito works and transforms it into a bustling attraction.

My thoughts of the movie:

While the plot may have been very predictable, I would say that it would be a hit with young kids who don’t need too much to keep them entertained. There were parts in the movie where I was so tickled like a character, White Shadow, whose ninja-like attempts are so just completely fail.

In particular, I love this quote from Chad, Theo’s brother who is a realist, when he asked Turbo this question and this was the reply Turbo gave.

What if you lose your Super Powers tomorrow?

I’ll make most of it today!

At the end of the day, this is an endearing movie that will have you rooting for Turbo where the dreamers who are not afraid to dream can make their dreams come true. In fact, I was so amused by Sophie who was so int the suspense of the movie that she started chanting, “Go Turbo Go”, when he was neck to neck in the race! How cute is that?

Oh don’t forget to stay after the credits too. You’ll be in for a good laugh with this movie! Suitable for 3 years and up.

If you have a Turbo fan after the movie, don’t forget to check out Turbo related activities at the official Turbo movie website.




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  1. Amie August 12, 2013 at 11:47 am Reply

    We went to watch Turbo last week too and my children enjoyed it 🙂

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