Sophie turns 9 – The last single digit birthday

Over the years, I’ve stopped blogging about Sophie’s birthday as I recognize that she’s slowly growing to be a young lady and may not want all her personal milestones documented on my blog. But I’m making an exception this year ( with her permission of course) as this will be her last single digit birthday before she’s 10.

Each birthday, we have a few traditions which we still do religiously, like marking her height on the height chart, doing a birthday count down and escaping for a staycation or overseas trip. While I was taking these series of photos, I suggested that she opens her eyes wider as all I see are two lines, but she retorted that her smile is what makes her unique.


I’m glad that she’s not allowing anyone to define what beauty has to look like and how body confident she is. I wanted to make sure this is on the blog so she never forgets that she can be her own kind of beautiful too.

The birthday celebration

Even though I was all excited about planning a birthday party for her with a few close friends, she declined having a party as she preferred a cozy celebration with the family.

In reality, I was heartened to hear how much we mean to her as we are the one she ultimately wants to spend her birthday with. No doubt this may change over the years when friends preceded family, but for now I’ll gladly savor these precious birthday memories with her.

We had two celebrations with both sides of the family and one was a combined celebration with my mum-in-law whose birthday is 2 days before Sophie’s at Spice World Hotpot.

Birthday Celebration 1 at Spice World Hotpot

For her actual day celebration on National Day, we had dinner at Scissors Paper Stove and she proves to still be a My Little Pony fan with her choice of cake from Bengawan Solo.

We had a couple of hits and misses for our dishes and the memorable ones were the baby back ribs, spring chicken, beef kebabs and mini burgers.

Happy 9th Birthday to the one who brings sunshine and rainbow wherever she goes!

Even though our family dinner was nothing fancy, I liked that it’s so down to earth and Sophie enjoyed every moment of it with those nearest and dearest to her.

We always joke that she’s one lucky girl to get fireworks on her birthday and every year it just gets grander and grander.

Extended birthday celebration in JB

Since there was a school holiday post National Day, we took a short trip to JB and continued the birthday celebration where she went ice skating as well as the water park in Austin Heights which we’ve been meaning to check out.

We got a shade darker and our tummies probably also got an inch thicker but our hearts are so full celebrating our darling’s birthday.

Thanks for making her birthday so special Doubletree


3 hours of ice skating with Daddy at Paradigm Mall in JB


As I look back over the years, I see how Sophie has grown to be an independent and confident young lady and her infectious belly loud slaughters always makes me smile. I cherish the time she ambushes me with a kiss and hug just because and feel so bad when I tell her that she’s leaning way too close for comfort or is squeezing my arms so tight it feels like she’s pinching me.

I hope she’ll never outgrows these display of affections for mama and papa or finds them embarrassing when she reaches her teens . It’s endearing to know that we are still her source of security and comfort and may nothing, not even the teenage years, keep her from showering us with affection and us likewise.

Happy 9th birthday darling Sophie. You may be 9, but you’ll always be mine-my baby, my darling, my 宝贝.




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  1. Moonsparkle (ZM) August 20, 2018 at 4:58 am Reply

    Glad Sophie had a lovely birthday. Her cake looks yummy! 🙂


  2. Ellen Scott August 21, 2018 at 9:22 pm Reply

    Happy birthday Sophie!!!!!

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