Shopaholics rejoice with Citi Globeshopper

I’ve never been much of an online shopper until I became a mom. After all, when there’s not much to do in Singapore on a weekend, I’m pretty much in the malls. But my shopping days took a nose dive after the arrival of Sophie especially when I was stuck at home during my confinement. But when I got introduced to online shopping, shopping took on a whole new dimension for me.

The choices for shopping online became limitless …until I hit a wall when the site I’m trying to order from either do not accept a non-US credit card or do not ship to Singapore. Do I hear a “I hear you”? How frustrating is that!

But shopaholics you can now rejoice with Citi Globeshopper!

Last week, I was invited by CitiBank to learn more about this exclusive service specially provided for CitiBank customers. Citi Globeshopper service provides the convenience of shopping online at any US or UK sites, while enjoying great savings and have your purchased shipped to your Singapore address with DHL.

Sounds easy? It is and here’s how it works

  1. Register to get your own US or UK address via Borderlinx.
  2. Next shop at your favorite brands and ship everything to your newly created US/UK address.
  3. After you’re done with your shopping, you can choose to ship your purchase right away OR continue shopping and they’ll hold your purchase for the next 30 days for FREE! Great for pulling together orders with fellow shopaholics and save on shipping costs 🙂
  4. DHL will deliver your merchandise right to your doorstep!

Before you open a new window and start shopping, I’ve more good news for you.

From now till 12 30 September 2011, you can win up to S$20 off shipping charges for your shopping online when you play the Citi Globeshopper “Click it. Ship it.” game. Yes you heard me, real money to offset your shipping charges!

And as an added bonus (Yes I’m not done yet!) you’ll receive bonus shipping dollars when you invite your friends to play the Citi Globeshopper “Click it. Ship it.” game!

  • 5 friends = $2.50 bonus shipping dollars;
  • 10 friends = $5.00 bonus shipping dollars.

So what are you waiting for, click here to play the game now! And don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email or blog.

For more information, head down to Citi Globeshopper.

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