Ready for Halloween?

Two weeks ago, we attended a Halloween Arts & Crafts hosted by CBeebiesClub’ at Cups N Canvas. Sophie was looking forward to it because we were going to make Halloween crafts by Mister Maker from Cbeebies!

Mister Maker program is no strangers to kids as his arts and craft programme is well loved by kids who enjoy creating art. He always creates lots of different pictures and sculptures using everything from recycled washing-­up bottles to leaves and twigs.

And the two DIY crafts we made for Halloween were Hairy Spider and a Jacko Lantern from recycled materials.

To make Hairy Spider, you need the following materials:

  • wool
  • felt
  • pipe cleaners
  • a piece of cardboard
  • scisscors
  • glue
Applying felt eyes to Hairy Spider

I love how Sophie found a creative way to show off her Hairy Spider, as a necklace!

For instructions on how to make Hairy Spider, click on this link. And for more awesome arts and crafts with Mister Maker, check out his official website too.

Sophie together with Anya, the girl with the funny bone and Kate.

Sophie and Elizabeth, but Sophie was too preoccupied with her cookies 😛

What are you making or dressing up as for Halloween?

Thanks for a fun-filled morning CBeebies!

Don’t forget to check out CBeebies page and also like their Facebook page to stay updated on their latest programmes 🙂


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