Motivational Mondays – Getting Ready for Chinese New Year


How have your weekends been?

We’ve been busy little bees around the home for the past two weekends doing spring cleaning to get ready for the Chinese New Year. And while it may sound early, I can assure you Chinese New Year will creep up upon us in a blink of an eye leaving us in a frantic state with so much to do.

And as if there’s not enough decluttering and cleaning to do, we got ambitious and started to do our own DIY painting around the home. We figured that since we only wanted to have a refreshed look for a few walls, it didn’t make economical sense to turn to the professionals. And besides doing it ourselves gave us a sense of ownership just like when we first started our home renovation when we got the keys to our home 9 years ago!

Well as it turns out, hubby discovered he’s quite the pro at painting and the living room has gotten a new lease of life with this coffee shake shade from Nippon’s odour-less easy wash range. I told him, when in doubt, coffee is ALWAYS a good idea 🙂 If you do intend to do your own DIY, I recommend going with Nippon paint as it’s easier to find them and also available in Home Fix.


Warm and cosy living room

To keep the mess out of sight, we used the 4X2 Expedit from IKEA which doubles up as a TV console. And also got another 5X1 along the window bay as storage for Sophie’s toys. This range is no longer available at IKEA but they carry the alternative which is the KALLAX and they have it in baby pink 🙂


Chinese New Year decoration is up!

I love this paper cutting of the family that goes together with the rest of the Chinese New Year deco. If you’re interested to make one for your family I’m guessing they will be easily available in Chinatown during this time of the year. The other deco pieces include a washified coffee cup which is now a pretty vase and a photoframe of an ang bao design (I think from UOB) that I like so much.

CNY dress

Wished there was an adult version of this cheongsam

Sofia bedsheets

Someone can’t wait to sleep in her Sofia the First bedsheet

For now, I can proudly say that these items have been checked off my list

  • Buy new sofa and bedframe
  • Buy bedsheets for the family
  • Buy Sophie’s dresses and shoes
  • Paint the living room and bedroom

There’s still much cleaning, decluttering and sprucing to do around the home. But with an early head start, I’m confident that we’ll get them tackled soon.


Have you started your spring cleaning? And where do you go to donate your used items?


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Comments: 3

  1. lyn lee January 13, 2015 at 4:07 pm Reply

    Well done you! I like the coffee colour too. Your home is already looking very festive! I don’t get many visitors so I think our decor will be minimal. 🙂

  2. lisacng @ January 14, 2015 at 4:22 am Reply

    She looks so cute!

    • Susan January 14, 2015 at 8:33 am Reply

      Thanks Lisa. I doubt even if I found a matching dress, I wouldn’t be half as cute as her 🙂

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