Memories of Sophie’s year-end concert and graduation

Graduation Concert 2015 01

Last Saturday was memorable occasion and a proud moment for us. It was Sophie’s year-end concert, the last one in fact, and also her graduation from kindergarten.

The preparation for her concert started way back in late August. Besides having to learn her lines for a skit, dance moves and songs, this year, she also had to deliver her graduation speech at the concert. The teachers gave them strict instructions not to tell their parents about the speech and she sure was tight-lipped about it even though I tried to probe her for a preview of it.

Each evening, she’ll practice the songs and lines for the skit and recount the funny things that happens during their concert practice. I’ve never seen her so serious and diligent about it and boy is my baby growing up.

I remember just a week before the concert, she started to get the nerves and almost burst into tears one evening when I picked her from school. She later told me that the teachers made her recite her lines without any script and she fumbled over her lines causing her confidence to take a nose dive.

I tried to encourage her and reminded her that she’s been a doing fantastic job thus far but she surprised me with her relentless strive for excellence and diligently practiced her lines every evening to perfect it. My heart swelled with pride seeing her put in so much heart and soul into her performance and how much it means to her.

Finally the day of the concert arrived and she woke up bright and early. She hurried me to get changed and wolfed down her breakfast without any hurrying. We said a prayer for her on our way to the concert that she’ll remember her lines and moves, enjoy herself on stage with all her friends and not forget to have have a fun time while performing.

Graduation Concert 2015 02

The graduating class of 2015

The most significant moment for us was no doubt watching her collect her certificate and trophy and hearing her deliver her graduation speech with confidence. Way to go girl!

Graduation Concert 2015 03

Receiving her certificate and trophy

Graduation Concert 2015 04

Graduation Concert 2015 05

Wheee! We’ve graduated!!!

Before her concert, I joked with Sophie that when its her turn to be on stage, I’ll clap and cheer wildly for her but she gave me a disgusted look and pleaded, “Please don’t do that. It’s so embarrassing!”

Please, you’re only 6 Sophie, not 16!

Being their last year on stage, the K2 had extra stage time with a skit, being emcee and two dance segments. It was such a proud moment for us watching her shine on stage.

The school prepared a slideshow and one slide showed how much they’ve grown since they started at the childcare at 18 months. Is that really my baby? Gosh how fast time flies…

Graduation Concert 2015 12

Graduation Concert 2015 06

Enjoying herself on stage with her friends

Graduation Concert 2015 11

The sporty stars of Sunflower Kiddyhouse

Graduation Concert 2015 07

Graduation Concert 2015 08

With the proud mama and papa!

We are truly thankful for the teachers who have not only taught her but also imparted skills, knowledge and built her character over the years while she’s in the childcare. We will surely miss everyone!


Graduation Concert 2015 09

With her form teacher, Teacher Gia and Sun 老师

Graduation Concert 2015 10

While it may be time to say good bye to all her friends and teachers soon, I know she’ll be looking forward to her next learning journey in primary school.

We praise God for her wonderful time in the childcare and how His hand and favour is always upon her. We are so blessed that while she may be in a cozy class of 6, she’s developed such close knitted friendships with her peers. Our prayers is that she’ll continue to shine for Him wherever she goes!


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  1. Alicia @ Beanie N Us November 9, 2015 at 8:41 am Reply

    Another milestone Susan! Looking at your post, I recall my kiddo’s session last year. How fast time has flown by. Geez. Soon they will be 16!!!! LOL

    • Susan November 9, 2015 at 8:35 pm Reply

      16?! Don’t grow up so soon girls!

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