Lifebuoy Secret Wash – the Bollywood Shake!

The one call that always makes my heart skip a beat, is when I see my daughter’s child care centre on the ID.

Oh no, is she sick?

Don’t tell me she’s having a fever?

Sure, there are times when the teachers just want to confirm my attendance for an event or keep me updated on certain happenings in the school. But more often than not, these calls tend to be ‘bad news’ informing me that Sophie is unwell suggesting that I should take her home. With the recent H1N1 news that affected one of the childcare centers, I can’t be blamed for being a little paranoid about such things.

That’s why, one thing I always emphasis to Sophie when she gets home from outdoors is to wash her hands and maintain a good hygiene habits. But with kids, it takes more than constant drilling to get the message in. However one thing that they never get tired of is having fun.

Handwashing, fun? Yes!

Introducing Lifebuoy Secret Wash Fun Moves

To help us get started, here’s Lifebuoy’s latest product, the Colour Changing Handwash to help power those Secret Wash Fun Moves.

This new liquid handwash from Lifebuoy contains tiny bead particles that release their colour when squished during handwashing. In just 10 seconds, when the handwash colour changes from white to green it means that 99.9% of germs have been removed and it’s time to rinse off.


Ready for those Secret Wash Fun Moves?

There are two moves to master. One for the girls and one for the boys.

And here’s Sophie’s rockin’ in her Secret Moves!


Personal tips to encourage handwashing

Here are two of my personal handwashing tips to get Sophie to scrub her hands clean.

1. Washing hands to a song

When Sophie was younger, she loved singing. And all it takes is for me to break into a song, and she’ll follow behind me as I lead her into the bathroom, yeah kinda like pied piper.

To get kids to scrub their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, you can sing “This Is the Way We Wash Our Hands” to the tune of “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush”.

These are the lyrics

This is the way we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands,
This is the way we wash our hands, early in the morning.
This is the way we scrub our hands, scrub our hands, scrub our hands,
This is the way we scrub our hands, early in the morning.
This is the way we rinse our hands, rinse our hands, rinse our hands,
This is the way we rinse our hands, early in the morning!

2. Reward good habits

Another thing that always worked was rewarding good habits. All kids love a reward so turn hand washing into a game with a hand washing chart and reward them with a sticker each time they follows the steps of proper hand washing.


—————– Win a Personalised Poster Featuring your Child ——————

From now to 23rd October 2013, submit your child’s photo at and be among the first 100 submissions to receive a Limited Edition Lifebuoy Secret Wash poster featuring your child’s face along with a free full-sized Colour Changing Handwash.

Wanna see how Sophie’s poster looks like?

In her peacock shake pose

Pretty neat hmm 🙂 The poster is up in her bathroom to remind her to keep shakin and movin as she washes those little hands to keep her hands clean.

Now lets see those power moves of yours too!


*A Juggling Mom was compensated to write this review. However all opinions expressed here are based on my own experience.

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    My kids would love to do both the boy and girl power moves. For sure!

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