Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay

Floral Fantasy (奇幻花园) is Gardens by the Bay’s (滨海湾花园) latest attraction at Bayfront Plaza opening on 14 April 2019. It’s close proximity to Bayfront MRT, makes it hard to miss as it is a major entry point for locals and tourists.

We’ve always been awed by thematic display at Flower Dome and were certain the new permanent attraction will be another captivating floral tapestry.

This cosy 1,500 square meter indoor space features more than 3,000 plants and more than 150 species in four diverse garden landscape, each showcasing a different artistic concept.

Here’s a sneak of what each zone offers.

Four garden landscapes in Floral Fantasy


Once we stepped foot into the space, we were greeted by rainbow pastel blooms hanging upside down. The dreamy canopy makes a welcoming entrance and sparked childlike wonder having us ohhing and ahhhing as we were led into a world of floral fantasy.

As we followed the pathway, another whimsical sight awaited.

A world of floral fantasy at Gardens by the Bay

Pendulous floral balls bobbing gently up and down from the ceiling.

As soon as Sophie caught sight of it, she cheekily said they resembled her favourite Nonya kueh, Ondeh Ondeh. Oh my little foodie.

Being the ever patriotic National baby, Sophie posed with the orchids and asked for a photo.


In the next zone, Float, we were drawn by the soft bubbling stream as it meanders through grassy knolls.

Here you’re welcome to linger and take in the relaxing atmosphere as you sit on the wooden bench or get comfy on the grass.

The calming environment was lost on the little miss as she got up to cheeky antics humouring some guests when she flossed and even surprised me with a sneaky kiss.

We spotted an interesting tree, the fried egg tree, with white flowers and yellow stamens that resembled a sunny-side up egg.


As we entered the third zone, Waltz, we experienced walking through a forest in the rain. Flowers and plants from driftwood structures frame the landscape, enveloping us in the wonder of nature.

We tried spotting the pint-sized poison dart frogs displayed in the vivarium and they are exceptional at camouflaging themselves.

This purpose of this exhibit is to highlight and educate guests how deforestation can have adverse impact on even the smallest aspects of biodiversity, especially on these vulnerable amphibians.

4m by 2m poison dart frog vivarium housing more than 30 tiny poison dart frogs


The final garden landscape likens a cavern, ringed with terraced rock formation.

As my eyes trailed the hanging ferns draped down from the ceiling, glittering lights sparkle above creating a magical and enchanting atmosphere.

4D ride – Flight of the Dragonfly

Rounding up our visit to Floral Fantasy was a 4D ride which simulates the journey of a dragonfly’s flight path through Gardens by the Bay. Our sense of sight, sound, touch and smell were engaged on this interactive ride and we enjoyed the many surprising elements like bubbles and rose scents on this ride.

If you have little children, do note the height restriction of 1m and above.

A scene from Flight of the Dragonfly 4D ride


Opening Special Ticketing Details

Floral Fantasy is a ticketed exhibition. Visitors to Floral Fantasy and Friends of the Gardens will enjoy opening special rate between 14 April and 13 May 2019.

Local Resident Rates

Adults: $9
Senior (above 60 years) and child: $5

Friends of the Gardens
Adults: $6
Senior (above 60 years) and child: $4

Visit period after 13 May 2019
Adults: $12
Senior (above 60 years) and child: $8

Friends of the Gardens
Adults: $9
Senior (above 60 years) and child: $7

There will be a special opening of Bayfront Plaza on 14 April where there will be stage performances, roving acts with free flow of popcorn and candy floss to keep everyone entertained.

For more information, do check Gardens by the Bay facebook page here.

Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay Bayfront Plaza

Venue: Bayfront Plaza, Gardens by the Bay (nearest MRT Bayfront station via circle line or downtown line)

Time: 9.00am – 9.00pm



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