Why we don’t like the school holidays 

While most school going kid look forward to the year end school holidays, my little girl has quite a different opinion about it. As a matter of fact, she even went as far as to use the word hate.

I’ve told Sophie that hate is too strong a word to use but she insists it’s the most appropriate term about how she feels about it and she’s not one to mince her words.

Just before the school year ended, I asked Sophie if she was happy to have a long break from school where she can indulge in all the reading and favourite cartoons she wants. But she told me she would much rather it be the school days as it would mean she gets to see us every single day.

The struggle for working mums is real

You see as a working mum, I have no choice but to have her at my mum’s or in laws place while I’m at work. Being a weekend parent is far from what I imagined myself to be during the school holidays and I know Sophie shares the same sentiments too.

Even though my mum is at our place on weekdays during the school term, I know she rather be in the comfort of her own at home where she can do her own things. I did consider sending Sophie to holiday programs or camps but the commute may not be so convenient for the gramps and I don’t wish to impose any of our plans on them too.

Since we don’t have any travel plans this school holidays, Alexis and I try to take a day off in a week so that we can take Sophie home earlier to spend more time with her. So far, Alexis has taken her to River Safari and she’s gone to my office last week but there still a month, a grand 4 weeks to go before school reopens.


At River Safari with Daddy



I’ll be lying if I said I don’t feel bad for sending her away and the weight of mummy’s guilt can be hard to bear especially when we bid her goodbye on Sunday nights.

Last weekend, we were on our way home when I got shoved with a pamphlet from a flyer distributor. Sophie’s eye widen when she took it from me and read that I could work part time and earn an high income and pleaded with me to call the number.

“Mummy you can call the number and tell them you want to work part time. If you work part time, then you can pick me after school and take care of me at home.

I was so tickled at how gullible my daughter can be to believe such a claim and I told her there’s no such job around. I saw her look of despondent and she absolutely crushed because I know deep inside she just longs for mummy to take care of her at home.

You may think it gets easier when they get older and go to primary school but it doesn’t.

At least not for me or for Sophie.

Now I’m beginning to hate the school holidays without Sophie around too….


Someone came to mummy’s office last Friday


Finally reunited on Thursday!!!

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  1. Adora November 29, 2016 at 11:10 am Reply

    Oh poor Sophie!!! I was a child of two full time working adults (who have 4 kids!) so I totally understand! But I spent all my days with granny and was picked up every night so I had the best of both worlds. Plus I was so close to my granny and I really treasure that. None of my other cousins shared that special bond with her so I’m really grateful for that

    Don’t feel guilty Susan. You’re doing the best that you can. Sophie will turn out learning more about her granny too and it’s also healthy for her to experience different types of caregiving from someone else that loves her like you do

    • Susan November 29, 2016 at 9:34 pm Reply

      Actually now that I look back, I spent a lot of my school holidays over at my grandma’s place as well, that’s why I’m so close to her too.

      As much as I miss hearing Sophie’s voice at home on weekdays now, I know that she’s well cared for by por por and nai nai and I’m truly thankful for that. We just gotta make the best of our circumstances and make the most of our time together on the weekends 🙂

  2. Summer November 30, 2016 at 1:26 am Reply

    Hugs, Susan! It is not easy to have to comfort Sophie when you yourself find it so unbearable to be separated too. Really not easy! She is such a sensible and understanding kid, I am sure she knows Mama tries her best and does everything she possibly can for the family. On a side note, it is awesome that you have your mum to help you out and you can have week nights alone with the hubby now? I don’t have that luxury and couple dates are quite impossible for now. (Just saying lar, I am very thankful to be there I am). For the record, I spent most of my sch hols at my popo’s house too and I very much looked forward and enjoyed it every time. Jia you, ok? Take care!!

    • Susan December 5, 2016 at 1:01 pm Reply

      Thanks Summer. I’m very thankful to have my mum and MIL take care of Sophie during the school holidays and hubby and I have been taking a day off in a week so that we can take her home before Friday as we miss her too much. We do enjoy the chance to go on date nights these two weeks and it is nice to just spend uninterrupted time with hubby where we can stay up late to chat or watch a show. Hope the kids have been kind to mama this school holidays too.

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