A mid year review – Sophie’s K2 progress

I can’t believe how half a year had gone by so quickly and we’re already in the middle of June 2015. And for us, it means Sophie has another six months before she enters Primary One! Where did my baby go?

*cues emo mama sniffling and wiping a tear*

But on the other hand, I’ve seen Sophie grown by leaps and bounds as she’s becomes a more confident, independent and outspoken little girl. Just this week, I met her childcare teachers for the half year PTM session and was pleased to hear how they had so much praises for her.

Picnic with her K2 class

Picnic with her K2 class

Some of the feedback that her teacher gave me was that Sophie’s a well rounded girl and is a delight to have in class. In class, she speaks confidently for her show-and-tell and has acquired the skill of storytelling as she reads effortlessly with expression and proper intonation to her classmates. The latter is something that I do with her at home as I secretly habour hopes to be an actress, so I guess my drama antics may have rubbed off her.

I was shown some of her journal writings and was rather impressed by what she can come up with, both in terms of the content of her topics and the details that she goes into. As the kids are expected to write independently, she’ll come up with invented spelling of words that she doesn’t know how to spell and they were a pretty good attempt.

Sophie's Mid Year Review 2015 002

Clearly, she’s a little wanderluster too

But what the teacher was most pleased to share with me is how Sophie is not afraid of challenges and will try her best and not give up easily. In fact, she even shows maturity when she stepped in to break up an argument between her friends and got them to think about their actions. Though I tell the teacher it’s funny how she seems to be less tenacious when she’s at home.

I think this little one may have some emerging leadership qualities in her and the plus point is that while she’s able to lead, she also gets along well with her friends from all classes. I’ve got to agree with her teacher that she has a charismatic personality and always bring joy to everyone around her.

Sophie's Mid Year Review 2015 005

Her treasured charms when she gets rewarded for good behavior or getting full marks for spelling from her teacher

Of course, there are areas to improve on, like having neater handwriting, differentiating between her b and d, widening her vocabulary, the need to take responsibility of her own actions and emotions. But just like us adults, we’re always a work-in-progress 🙂

Sophie's Mid Year Review 2015 004

Hanyu Pinyin is not so tough anymore


Dear Sophie,

Mama’s so proud to hear how well you’re doing in school from your teachers. I always look forward to our nightly chit chat sessions where you’ll tell me how your day went, who received a green leaf from teacher, who didn’t take their nap or who celebrated their birthday.

It puts a smile on my face knowing that you’re enjoying school, learning new things even things which you told me were heard a few months ago like hanyu pinyin which you’re getting a hang of now.

Remember that to be better at something, we must practice and do our best. Don’t forget our song,
Go, Better, Best. Never let it rest. Till your good is better. And your better best!

Love you!
Your dearest Mama


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