15 seconds of fame with Instagram Video

If you love your Instagram, you would know by now that Instagram have recently launched a video function and I love it.

With the new app, you can record fifteen seconds of video and have up to thirteen filters to choose from just for videos. And just like your photos, you can share them on your social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr.

Using it is pretty straightforward too.

Open the Instagram app and now in addition to the camera image, you’ll also find an icon of a movie camera. Click on that movie camera (right most icon) to get into video mode.

To record short snippets in one video, just let go go of the video button before your fifteen seconds are up, it will stop recording. And to add more to the video, just hit record again.

Next comes selecting your filter and then your cover frame for your video. Here are a few videos that I’ve shared last week 🙂



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