Wordless Wednesday – Happy Halloween

Halloween is usually not celebrated in our home as it’s usually associated with wizards, witchcraft and all the scary and gory stuffs that would even send me running in the opposite direction.

But this year, Sophie’s child care sent a memo that they were going to celebrate Halloween in school. Like I said, I’m not for gore, senseless violence and anything to do with horror. But for the kids,  I feel it’s just an excuse to dress up for school and have some innocent fun.

Sophie looking anything but scary in her glow-in-the-dark skeleton top. It really glows and would look so cool if you see it in the dark.

She told me that she had some chocolates and candy in school. But because she has a fear of going to the dentist, she has great self control and stops at 3. I know, mama’s proud of her too.

And just for fun, I bought this Halloween theme Hello Kitty candy from Watsons. 

Did you dress up for Halloween? Hope you have a bootiful Halloween 🙂




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