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Being culinary challenged, I often find myself short of ideas on what to cook for my family. No, I should say that I’m short of ideas to cook fast, simple, fuss -free and toddler friendly meals for the family.

For me, I used to struggle a lot with weekday dinners especially after Sophie started on solid food. And it certainly didn’t help that the infant care she attended had a no dinner policy even though the school was right smack in the CBD area where parents typically don’t get to knock off by 6pm.

So the question is how does one manage to whip up a healthy, nutritious dinner for the family after a day’s work and make sure that the starving family doesn’t end up eating at 9pm?

A well balanced meal with veg and mushroom, tofu and breaded chicken

But thanks to these online resources, I’ve been serving up rather yummy dinner for the hubby and baby.

Annabel Karmel

The lovely Annabel Karmel

Photo credit to Annabelkarmel.com

Annabel Karmel is a famous UK’s author on baby and children’s food and nutrition. Her books and website has a wide library of recipes that caters from 6 months to the whole family. Her recipes have gotten the thumbs up from both my family!

Wholesome Baby Food

Lots of information on how you can prepare your little one for solids- how to introduce  solid food, what food to introduce them and nutritional information. If you’re looking for recipes for babies from 4 months to 12 months, this is the place to go to.


A fellow Singaporean whose recipes are easy to follow and whose photos always  leaves me salivating in front of my laptop. The fact that she calls herself a noob cook makes it so non intimidating to try any of her recipes. Wiffy also contributes her receipes at InSing.com

Japanese curry - a cannot go wrong receipe that's become one of my favourite meal

Photo credit to noobcook.com

3- Plus- 1

And my last recommendation is one of our local production on Channel 8. After all nothing beats watching the guest stars cooking while getting advise from the master chefs and having the dishes being critiqued to know what’s going into the pot and what’s not.

That said, I must also give due credit to my hubby and daughter who have been supportive of my cooking and doesn’t have any major complains (yet!). In face, the hubby even commented that my cooking has improved with all my experimenting in the kitchen. Don’t we just love an appreciative hubby like that.

Do you have websites that you go to for recipe ideas? Do share them with me too.

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  1. Gladys March 28, 2011 at 11:35 pm Reply

    Nice site you started 🙂 I can’t believe you cook after your work! Pei fu!

    I only try to cook on Sundays… I also like Noobcook and watch the 3cai1tang show. :p

    Anyway, here are more sites to share when I need to get some inspiration:




  2. susan March 29, 2011 at 12:03 pm Reply

    Used to cook more often but now that Sophie’s cc serves dinner, I’ve been buying or eating now.

    Thanks for sharing. I lurve the food 4 tots and chinese soup links. I like to find Asian style food as it’s more of our taste buds and somehow evoke a very warm feeling.

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