What happens when you start saying yes

As soon as my daughter hears the jingle of my keys and the clicking of my heel as I walk home, an overly enthusiastic voice emerges, Mummmmmy!!! I’m greeted with high pitched laughter as she bounces up and down like a bunny who just had red bull.

It’s a very zealous welcome no doubt, but her eagerness makes me nervous. I can never fathom where Sophie gets her boundless energy from every single day, because by the time I knock off, I’m just looking forward to get home, kick off my heels and collapse on the sofa. But Sophie has other plans on her mind.


“Mummy, I’m playing school with my babies (an affectionate term for her soft toys) today. Can you be my assistant teacher?”

“My friends are at the playground now. Can you take me down so I can join them?”

“I just borrowed a new book from the library, lets read it.”


Whenever she asks me to do something with her the moment I step home, my first response is often, “No, I’m tired and I want to rest.”

I know that sounds horribly mean but mama also needs a mental break you know. The kind of break that dads often enjoy when they zone out with their eyes glue to their mobile phone, computer or TV (pick one).

Sure, I love Sophie very much and would love to hear all about her day, who she sat and ate with at recess, funny stories that happened in class, the new titles she borrowed from the school library. But to put in extra effort to play or to go to the playground is quite another story.


“Why do you always say no when I ask you to play with me? I waited for you all day…”


And that’s when the working mummy’s guilt hits me like a tidal wave. If you’re wondering, mummy’s guilt never quite goes away even when your child gets older because you’ll always feel a pang of guilt for missing out something in their lives.

So to redeem myself, I surprise her with a Yes. Not everyday, but some days and it’s enough to keep her happy. And oh how her eyes light up and her love tank gets filled when I say the magic word, Yes. And I’ve come to realise that when yes is said genuinely, not the halfhearted, lets get this over and done with, patronizing kind of attitude, I have to admit that the experience is usually fun for both of us.

Saying Yes

So these are 5 areas that Sophie wants me to say yes to.

  1. When she asks me to play with her
  2. When she asks me to read to her (you’ll be surprised that they still enjoy be read to at 7)
  3. When she wants me to tuck her to bed
  4. When she wants me to monkey around with her
  5. When she wants me to be crazy (oh yes, she’s a little wild one)

I think I might just think twice about point 5 for now…


When we say yes, we are opening an opportunity to make connection with our kids.


And I need to remind myself that saying yes does not mean that I’m bending backwards for her. I say yes more often now so I know that even if I have to say no sometimes, Sophie will be more understanding because she’s assured and her love tank is filled by the many times I said yes to.

And look how much joy and happiness it gives her when I turn a no to yes.

Bubbling with happiness

A game of badminton before dinner


This post was inspired after watching this TEDTalks video by Shonda Rhimes, the incredible titan behind Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, and who I suspects never ever sleeps. She made a bold move to say yes to everything for a year.


So the next time your child asks you to play or read with them, what’s your response gonna be?
I hope it’s going to be a yes.



If saying yes is too big a step, then how about starting with, Why Not.

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Comments: 4

  1. Ally February 17, 2017 at 9:49 am Reply

    Though we very much to say yes, it’s subjected to how much we want to have our me time too. With three kids demanding for yes, I only say yes to group activities. Haha.. I have times where my three kids will individually come to me and said I never play with them… but it is really a drain of mental energy and I need time for personal reflection more due to my work nature. 😉 kudos to you!

    • Susan February 26, 2017 at 11:13 pm Reply

      It’s definitely easier with just one child demanding for more of me and hats off to you for setting aside time for all 3 of your kids. I’ve come to recognise that I need alone or reflection time and it’s great that you’re doing it for yourself.

  2. June February 17, 2017 at 10:00 pm Reply

    Yes!! Yes to more play-time and fun time and making memories. Life is stressful enough as it is, so I’m gonna let them give me these precious opportunities to unwind and be silly together. ;D

    • Susan February 27, 2017 at 12:11 am Reply

      I’m sure no kid will say no to more play time when mummy is letting her hair down to be silly with them.

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