Keep a short account with your mate

After being married for close to 5 years, it’s so easy to take each other for granted. Sometimes words spoken in jest or peppered with sarcasm can end up being hurtful to my hubby. I know how fired up I can get, if he did something as insensitive as that to me!

In fact, that’s what just happened over the weekends when I curtly shot at him for forgetting to check something before we left the house. He turned to me and said,”Can you please not talk to me like that.”

Immediately I withheld my tongue from speaking further. I knew it was not so much about what I said but the tone came with tinge of accusation that he didn’t think or knew better.

So I apologized and asked that he forgive me. He did and all was well.

The good thing about my hubby is that when he forgives he also forgets. And that’s the message of one of my recent Quiet Time message on the same topic, “Keeping a short account with your mate“. You can read more about it here -> Link

There are times when I fight fire with fire. And then there are days when I feel I have to argue my way to “win the argument”. And other days I use the, “Okay you win” tactic which totally gets to him. But honestly, these do nothing to win the relationship and leaves us more exasperated and heated than before.

Now that we’re more matured (and I more logical), we acknowledge the issues that we don’t see eye to eye and focus on how we can resolve it. We agree not to use hurtful words, not to use emotional blackmail with tears (okay this may just apply to me) and to not bring up the history IF we do come across the same situation again. That’s the part about keeping a short account with our mate, to truly forgive and forget.

So repeat after me

I forgive and I forget

I forgive and I forget

I forgive and I forget

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